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Saturday, December 09, 2006

a pictures worth a thousand words

this post is short and to the point. 3zayezs new nick name is muffin. now tell me, can anyone guess whos in the pic? :D


  • At 9/12/06 23:30, Blogger Juju the jaja... said…

    I guess i don't count..I already guessed on msn and also guessed what kind of muffin.. *drool*

  • At 9/12/06 23:46, Blogger 3zayez said…

    what the hell?! LOOOOL
    I look like I'm made out of Ariel detergent with those blue specks :|
    I hereby declare my refusal of the "muffin" monicker :|

  • At 11/12/06 07:52, Blogger Saakhir said…


    عجيبة الرسمة

    باليد اليمنى ثلاث أصابع، وباليسرى إصبعان

    وأين الأنف والأذن

    وما أدري هذه دراعة أو نفنوف

  • At 11/12/06 14:23, Blogger lil fishy said…

    lets go to starbux and eat a 3zayez flavored muffin *drool* hehe

    u have pretty toes :D and u can escape teh name muffin :| its urs, its urs, khalas :|

    welcome to my blog :D
    thank u for calling my picture 3ajeeba :$ im an artist, hehe.
    and i didnt feel like drawing 5 fingers on each hand, so i just drew shwaya here and shwaya there :D

  • At 12/12/06 21:43, Blogger ren_crow said…

    That looks like an expired muffin. With blue funky fungus all over it.

  • At 13/12/06 01:34, Blogger Geek in Pink said…

    Your artistic talents far exceed mine so who am i to judge? :P
    But all this talk about muffins is making me hungry.

  • At 13/12/06 14:44, Blogger lil fishy said…

    hey hey. its a blueberry muffin

    yes, im a great artist (H) hehe
    *hands geek a 3zayez muffin*

  • At 14/12/06 00:52, Blogger Geek in Pink said…

    Uh, thanks!
    *feels slightly cannibalistic*

  • At 14/12/06 01:37, Blogger taqo said…

    niiiiiice ;)

  • At 14/12/06 21:42, Blogger Black Orchid said…

    LOL wallah the pic is so cute =P

  • At 15/12/06 16:03, Blogger 3zayez said…

    Oh well. At least it's the only way women would drool over me *grumble grumble*

    *tears a piece from his side, takes the blueberry pieces out, and eats it*

  • At 16/12/06 16:01, Anonymous TC said…

    I can not see nothing @_@ But I like the nicky =P

  • At 16/12/06 23:55, Blogger lil fishy said…

    ur welcome. want more? :D

    thanks :$
    im an artiiist

    black orchid,
    welcome to my blog :D
    and thank u :$
    u shoudl compliment 3azyez, he was my inspiration :$ hehe

    u see, im bring u all the women :D
    *grabs a blueberry from zeezs head*

    u should see the pic, its good :D

  • At 20/12/06 06:18, Blogger beejay™ said…


  • At 21/12/06 03:09, Blogger Missy said…

    lol im new here. bs i guess it's 3zayez :P

  • At 21/12/06 23:00, Blogger lil fishy said…

    i made him a muffin, si therefor he is a muffin :|

    welcome to my blog :D
    woohoo, ur right :D
    i think ur the only person who actually guessed, apparently no one else paid attention when i wrote "can anyone guess whos in the pic?" :|

  • At 23/12/06 12:16, Blogger Lamya said…

    asks politely:if i bite his head off will he still be able to blog?Because i really want to bite it off. *drools from afar,hypnotised,half past dead look on face*

  • At 23/12/06 13:23, Blogger Juju the jaja... said…

  • At 24/12/06 18:02, Blogger Lilly said…

    hehehe funny!

  • At 5/1/07 22:43, Blogger Painted Black said…

    the toeless 3zayez muffin ;p what do i get for guessing that loool


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