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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Unread Post

Hello my currently none existent readers. I know no one visits blog anymore, but if anyone reads this then hello :D I just needed to write some of my thoughts down.
So life constantly smacks me, whether it’s smack in the face which just crushes me or a smack of happiness. I feel as if life can’t be planned. Well, let me rephrase, my life can’t be planned. I can plan short term things, like a trip to the mall, a vacation with juju or something, but major things in my life, I cant plan. I feel as if most other ppl have their lives going according to plan, or atleast close to the outline of their plan, whether they’re married, studying, working or all 3. You know, they’d say something like I’m gonna do my masters after I graduate and I plan on getting married, and oh well they do. Mashallah, im happy for them, I hope they get what they want from life. But then I take a look at my life and well life just happens to me, apparently I cant plan it. At one point I planned to do my masters, after much confusion, I didn’t, main reason is because I got a job. I thought id have a certain kind of job, but I didn’t, it was crappy. I thought I’d be married by now or atleast be interested in someone decent, but I’m not. Alhamdulilah so far its all turned out to be for the best. I realized that it’s a good thing I didn’t go do my masters degree cuz I wouldn’t have liked it and I may not have found a job when I graduated. I hated my previous job and I was gonna try my best and complain to move somewhere else and I was regretting accepting my job and not doing my masters, but then alhamdulilah I got transferred and I’m happier where I am now.
Anyways, maybe I shouldn’t be complaining because after a lot of confusion, anger and frustration, life eventually picks something for me which is atleast mediocre, and not bad. But I’d like think I could plan something. I'd like to think that the effort and thought I put into things would actually help me. And being the type of person that I am, I’m very well organized and like having things planned out. So u can imagine the frustration I’m going through when I realize I cant plan anything in my life 
I guess that’s it for writing my thoughts down. Thank you invisible people for allowing me to share my feelings.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

buy one get one free: 2 posts in 1

Hello hello hello blog ppl :D
I have 2 things to blog about. Taqos tag and something else… lets see if I can fit both into one post… ok taqos tag, 8 things u don’t know about me (juju not included :l )
*pauses to sing: your love alone is not enough, not enough, not enough, when times get tough, they get tough, they get tough…..*
1) when I sit around the house, my feet are usually cold if you touch them, even if the weather is normal. But apparently when I when I wear shoes my feet sweat :S like if I travel I have to make sure I bring 2 or 3 shoes to alternate between. Cuz if I wear the same shoe (not sandal) for a few days in row without changing them I get stinky feet 8< anyways apparently my feet experience extremes, either frozen or hot and sweaty.
2)i have a weakness for singers/rockers. Id love to have one 8< the whole singing and writing songs thing makes them attractive.
3) I cried when I used the bathroom in mina when I did 7ajj like 7 yrs ago. It was gross. The lights were burnt, so u couldn’t see well, it was a 7amam 3arabi, theres a shower dripping on ur head, dirty tissues and diapers soakin on the floor, something that looked like poop smeared on the wall and water splashing on ur legs from the stalls around yours.
4) for some reason I always thought id be married by now. im fine with it now, but when I was younger I thought id be married around 19-21.
5) the concept of dating doesn’t click with me. I think it’s a pointless middle stage which in most cases hurts either one or both of the parties involved. Im more into the be friends and if u realize u really like each other get engaged and get married.
6) I love chocolate. I think I need a daily dose
7) I think the world is retarded
8) I dream a lot. But nothing interesting, its either stupid stuff or crappy annoying stuff. Rarely ever get a good dream

Now onto part 2 of my post:
let me keep this breifish… I was in salalah last week. Mashallah pretty place. Anyways, I was eating dinner at the hotel (buffet) and I went to get desert. While I was there, some girls came.
girl: where are u from?
Me: Saudi
Girl: ha ha ha (sarcastic laugh) your saudi
Me: what?
Girl: im Saudi (still keeping up the rudeness).. where in Saudi?
Me: shargiya
Girl: im from there too. Keef enti s3oodiya o ana s3oodiya?
Me: *ignores*
Girl: enti bayda
A bit of other lil crap for 30 secs that I cant remember.
Me: ma tabghi itsadgeeni, latsadgeeni. Bas ana ma akthib.
Girl: bla bla bla…… tayeb laish lahjatik kitha
Me: *walks away* I was raised abroad

99% of the conversation was in Arabic. And she was just rude thru out it all, from start to end. And she was just rude thru out it all, from start to end. I don’t see what her problem is, I just said s3oodiya… nothing else and she already started to criticize me and say im not Saudi :| she was a complete piss off… my god, ive never seen anyone as retarded and rude as her for no reason. Anyways, I don’t see why she should think im lying :l I honestly think ppl who lie about where there from are idiots. Anyways, I don’t see why she judged me. There are ppl who r 100% Saudi and theyre just as white as me. Im not 100% Saudi, ive got all kinds of bloods in me (Bahraini, Syrian, Lebanese, Palestinian, morrocan). But my origins are still Saudi, so therefore I am Saudi. Not that being Saudi is the best thing ever, but id be proud of my heritage no matter where im from, I wouldn’t lie about it. But apparently the world is sick and ppl just lie and ppl have issues (please refer to point #7 mentioned above). I cant stand it when ppl question me, are u sure ur Saudi? Yes ofcourse im sure, u idiot, I have no reason to lie :l if u want my whole family history id be happy to tell it to you but either way my answer wont change…
anyways, I think this post is long enough :$ hehe

Saturday, July 14, 2007

the confused post

Aloha blog ppl :D
Yes I know ive been away for quite some time. I haven’t really had anything worth blogging about. Don’t get all excited, I don’t really have anything worth blogging about now either but im bored and I had some stuff on my mind so I decided to write a post. Well I was sitting here at my desk thinking of these sisters I used to know back in junior high and high school. Not sure why they popped into my head, I think they were in my dream or something last night. Anyways, I came to thinking about all my friends and where they are and how they’ve grown up etc.
I feel as if most them are ahead of me in life. Don’t get me wrong, im not jealous or anything, mashallah 3alaihum. Its just that I don’t have anything to say, my life is kinda at a stand still, im not really going anywhere. Who knows, maybe they look at me and think the same. Anyways, ive decided to list all the old friends I can think of and state what theyre doing right now.
Alia: engaged and working in the UK.
Nesiba: supposedly married, her wedding was supposed to be a week or 2 ago. Should be on her way back to the states.
Hana: who knows, lost touch with her a couple of yrs ago. She was a fun person
Amenah: married with a baby
Fatima: maybe still studying
May: in jam3a (out of all ppl on this list Im the most in touch with her these days)
Sabira: doing her masters with a toddler
Summaya: I heard she was engaged and working
Umm, sorry I think ill stop the list here, cuz I can just keep listing ppl and that would be pointless and boring, loool. I think I feel as if most ppl grew up and matured, not that im an immature bum. But the whole idea of having a job and getting married makes me think hmm, theyre adults now, would we have anything left in common. I know ive got a job so according to what I just said I would be mature and grown up, but maybe I don’t feel that way cuz I don’t like my job and I don’t think im learning much from it. i guess the only way id really be able to tell if they really are different than me is to hang out with them but that wont be happening cuz we re all pretty much in different countries. I hope I don’t become boring when I grow up (lool, that sounds amusing, I mean when I get a decent job and get married). I think married ppl tend to be boring, I think juju would know what im talking about. U kinda lose common ground with them and u don’t have anything to talk about and what they talk about isn’t too interesting. I have so many thoughts running thru my head right now, and I keep typing and erasing  so lets just leave this post as it is. If u have no idea what im talking about, its ok *hug* I wasn’t quite sure what point I was trying to reach. I was thinking out loud and along the way my views changed and I began to see things differently :D
Loool, this post is amusing me.
Anyways, to all my old friends (my real friends, not ppl I used to know who were evil  hehe), I know u wont read this. But I love u and uve made my life amusing, thank u.
Ok, ill leave now. After reading this post you should now understand why ive stopped posting, hehe.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

baking myself a man

Hello blog ppl
I was just discussing with juju about how id like to paint a man at a ceramic painting store and then when he comes out of the oven he’ll be life size. But juju pointed out that at the store id only be able to paint him. So she suggested a brilliant idea :o she said why don’t I bake a man. I was like oooh, ill make him from cakes and muffins :D
So what will I put in my man cake….
Flour and eggs: theyll be his base and make him dependable and reliable and keep him together.
Sugar: so he can be sweet
Espresso beans: so he can be strong (jujus suggestion)
Chocolate: for sexiness (jujus suggestion again)
Chocolate chips: ill throw some in, so that he would have some sweet surprises.
Nuts: to make him smart
A pinch of Cinnamon: to give him some spice and make him a bit exotic
Sour cream: to make him light and fluffy and I guess that would mean hes gentle (for those of u who don’t bake, yes u can put sour cream in cakes and it doesn’t taste funky)
Last but not least, I’ll ice/frost him and decorate him, thatll make him fun. And ill throw a bunch mini candies (such as mini m&ms) on top to give him a sense of humor.
Well that’s all I can think of for now. ill be sure to add more ingredients later on if I think its required :D
I shall leave u now so i can continue to dream of my imaginary, currently non existent man 8<
bubyes ppl

Monday, April 02, 2007

fancy hospital serves tomatoes in the bathroom

aloha to the very small group of ppl who read my blog :D

like usual, i have a bunch of random things to talk about. i just finished eating a bowl of tomatoes. mmm, yummy. im not much of a tomato person, i usually avoid the ones in my salad. but these tomatoes r different. theyre cherry tomatoes from my dads yard/garden. and well i like cherry tomatoes, in general baby vegetables amuse me, loool (i just imagined a response juju might have to that).

next, saad hospital. this hospital amazes me. mashallah its so fancy. i think its too fancy for a
hospital. but anyways, for those of u havent seen the hospital ill tell u a lil bit about it. the lobby/ entrance looks like a hotel lobby, theres a crystal chandelier on the stairs and a seating area with a high ceiling, the ceiling kind of has this jungle hut theme to it. ya3ni wood and plants. seriously, it looks nothing like a hospital, ya3ni i wouldnt mind sitting there for a cup of coffee. the doors to the examination rooms arent plane doors, theyve got wood carvings on them. anyways, by now u should get the point about how fancy this hospital is mashallah. personally id prefer a hospital that looked more hospital like, u know, nice sparkly clean and modern, but simple. so for u ppl who havent seen the hospital, if ur ever in the area i suggest u take a peak :D hehe

theres this bathroom in aramco which also amuses me. above the toilet in each stall, there are 3 mini signs, one is about hanging up the hose, the other is about not standing on the toilet and the third is about flushin the toilet. well now theyve added a couple of more signs. on the outside and the inside of each bathroom stalls door, there are 2 sheets of paper taped up. one in arabic and one in english about flushing the toilet and keeping it clean. too many signs, loool. i wonder, if uve got a dirty person who gets the bathroom dirty or doesnt flush, will a sign actually get them to keep the bathroom clean. and if so, whats wrong with those ppl, they need a freakin sign to understand that they should keep the place clean :l ya3ni if theres no sign, that means they can dirty the place :l akh, ppl r retarded, but whats new.

anyways, i was listening to the radio yesterday and this oldish song came on (relative to the yrs ive been alive). aaahhh, the good old days. anyways, the song was 'girl on tv' by 'LFO (lite funky ones)' looool, cute name. ill sing a bit for u... lalalala (me warming up :D hehe) wish for u on a falling star, wondering where u r, do i ever cross ur mind in the warm sunshine, shes from the city of angels, like betty davis, james dean and gable, never know what she means to me, i fell for the girl thats on tv......

last but not least, i am now 23, so therefore i am more mature, loool. that was amusing to say, as if having my bday suddenly changes me completely :o

yallah ill be on my way now ppl
take care


Thursday, March 15, 2007

why settle for nescafe with noisy neighbors when u can have starbucks

hello hello :D
yes, i know i havent posted in quite some time. well the time has come for me to post. so here it is.
first up, my neighbors r annoying :l theyre noisy. who the hell moves furniture after 10 pm on a weekday ? :l they have lil kids who stay up late. makes me wonder how can ppl let their kids stay up that late :l anyways, theyre over all noisy and i can hear all their crap in my room.
secondly, lately ive been wondering if i should settle for less, in things such as life and marriage. i wonder alot about if ill get what i want in life. should i accept something thats less than what i really want and if i need to settle for less, how much less? ill give u guys an example. if some guy comes and proposes, he seems fine and all, maybe even good, but he expects me to cover my face. should i? please no one answer that question, im not asking u guys, i was just giving u an example (im serious, its just my opinion and im not trying to offend or argue with anyone) u see, im a firm believer in being true urself and those close to u by not just changing who u are bas kitha to please someone. aslong as ur not mean and u dont hurt or harm ppl in anyway, i dont think anyone has the right to change u. not that im not willing to compromise, cuz i am, as long as the other person does so too, in equal amounts. cuz thats only fair. going back to my example of face covering just cuz my husband wants me to. well i wouldnt want to. cuz alhamdulilah i think i dress decently, i cover my hair and all, and i dont believe that the face is a 3awra and i dont believe in covering my face just for tradition. anyways, back to the point, should i accept a guy who wants me to cover my face, or a guy who doesnt want me to work or anything else. personally, i wouldnt want to marry someone with the intention of changing him. i think u should accept the person for who they are, or just move along. but i dont like the whole idea of "get a wife and mould her" :S

anyways last but not least, on a lighter note, i got a drink from starbux today and the guy at cashier remembers me (even though i hadnt been there in awhile) he was very friendly, he asked me how i was, how life is etc etc. he asked me if i wanted whipped cream on top, since he had already started putting it, i said yeah ok, wut the hell. hes like "u sure? u wont go telling ppl some african guy in starbux is making me a big mama?" (for those of u who didnt get it, he basically meant 'ur not gonna complain about gaining weight and becoming fat from my drink'). starbux has friendly employees. i miss jenny, she knew my usual order and she was friendly mashallah.

thats it for now.
bubyes blog ppl :D

Friday, February 09, 2007

the taqo tagged me

ok, let me think of 5 things that u guys dont know about me. hmmmm
1)im currently and usually wearing the same earings. i got these earings back in 6th grade, as everyday earrings. something i can sleep and shower with. but apparently they were too big to wear to skool (my skool was very very strict with stuff like this). so i only wore them during vacations and maybe on the weekend. after i left that skool they became my everyday earings. i rarely take them off, for special occasions i change my earrings, or if my earhole is irritated i take them off. other than that im always wearing them. i have a friend whos gotten sick of them :D but i love them
2)the nail on my little toes arent flat, theyre bent. so cutting them is annoying.
3)i hear a click in my ears when i swallow my saliva. it all started like 6 yrs ago after i got a really bad ear infection. some ENT doctor told me the click happens in everyones ears but theycant hear it. but my ears have become extra sensitive and thats why i can hear it.
4)when i was little i always thought my best friend kareem would bury me when i died, and id bury him when he died.
5)i used to be a dallas cowboys fan. back in the troy aikman and emmitt smith days :D
i guess thats gbood enuf. bubyes blog ppl 8<