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Sunday, January 21, 2007

tandasing all over dubai and malaysia

Hello blog world :D
With a lil help from zeez the muffin, ive started writing this post.
Well im back. From where u say? :o
Well I went to dubai to attend my cousins wedding. Wedding was good alhamdulilah. Some parts annoying but some parts cute and fun (eg: river dancing with the family :D) im considering becoming a professional river dancer, hehe.
Anyways, while in in dubai I met up with cookie for dinner and shooting :D yes yes, I know, as if I wasn’t violent enuf already, now I know how to use a shot gun :D
After dubai, I went to Malaysia with the one and only jaja. It was fun alhamdulilah. First thing I must say about Malaysia is: NEVER EVER GO TO KOTA BHARU AND SOUG SITI KHADIJA. U see, if u read the Malaysia tourism website it makes kota bharu (aka kofta imbahara) sound very interesting. But its not :l so don’t go there. Soug siti khadija just makes u want to vomit and and wash urself from top to bottom with Clorox. Theyres raw chicken sitting around everywhere and its dripping :l smells nasty :l anyways, as we were wondering thru the streets of kota bharu, we stopped for a moment to look at our map. Next thing we know, some coolish looking guy (probably the coolest guy in the whole city) walks up to us, stops and starts staring at the map with us, I look up at him, he looks up at me, he smiles, then I smile, then he walks away. Loooooool. Don’t ask.
During our trip, we held/fed all kinds of animals. Monkeys, snakes, lizards, elephants, quails, deer, bears, and ostriches. It was pretty interesting. Especially the monkeys, theyre adorable mashallah. There was a mama monkey holding her baby, eating some bread I gave her and holding on to my pants for a few mins (making sure I don’t escape) loool.
We were also attacked by animals :l butterflies :l they attacked us :( one tried flying into my eye and some others kept trying to attack juju 8<
Hmm wut else…..
Well, I guess ill mention one last thing. When me and juju were staring at our reservation paper, we noticed it said something about “birthday cake”on it. And we were like huh :l anyways, a lil b4 our plane landed in Malaysia, a flight attendant handed us a box with a lil birthday cake in it :D why? Well we don’t know why :D but it was amusing.


  • At 21/1/07 14:11, Blogger Juju the jaja... said…

    loool why'd u post the picture of the demonic monkey? no one's gonna believe u when u say they're cute. worth mentioning that the cake didn't taste all that interesting. The fruit on the other hand, WOW! we went to a place where all u want to do all day is sit in the middle of the plants, enjoy the view of the town down below, and eat amazing fruit. Must go on more trips to malaysia to eat fruit 8<

  • At 22/1/07 16:56, Blogger lil fishy said…

    demonic monkeys are cute, looool. aslan the monkeys werent very cute looking, it was their behavior which was cute.
    mmmm fruit *drools* mmmm cocktail *drool* mmm fruit farm *drool* hehe

  • At 24/1/07 14:03, Blogger Mystified Chick said…

    Hey welcome back!
    El7amdella 3ala elsalama.. Glad you had a good time.. =)

  • At 24/1/07 16:46, Blogger taqo said…'re so cute.

    O b3dyn, eysh hal gelat adab?
    How dare him look at your map.
    Some people have NO MANNERS. Uff.
    I dont care if he looked "cool".

    If a monkey grabbed my pants leg, I'd have a heart attack :| I'd prolly start running. Which would reslut in me getting chased by a monkey :|
    Not a nice sight. lool.

  • At 24/1/07 17:46, Blogger lil fishy said…

    thank u, allah yisalmik :D

    i know :o how dare he :| he might aswell just take my 7ijab and wear it :| hehehe
    looool, i got a cute mental image of a monkey running after u, both of u screaming

  • At 25/1/07 02:01, Blogger Fo0f said…

    welcome back :D
    I know u had fun, malaysia is a place where i thought i would NOT like anything, but ended up liking everything.. Dubai though is boring now :P

  • At 26/1/07 03:40, Blogger 3zayez said…

    I've been wanting to go to malaysia for a while now. I heard its pretty fun. The guy who smiled at you was probably a gold teeth salesman and he wanted to know if any of your teeth were missing that's why he smiled. The butterflies attacked you because they thought you were two beautiful flowers :-$ Or maybe they thought you were two caterpillars and they were trying to save you? We will never know.

  • At 26/1/07 13:40, Blogger lil fishy said…

    dubai will probably always be fun to me (or aslong as im there with a friend). its one of my homes :( *sigh* goodbye old life

    no, he was not a gold teeth salesman :| ur just jealous, u wish u had strange men smile at u :|
    and id like to think the butterflies thought we were flowers :$ hehehe we were both wearing shades of pink that day. and how dare u imply that we look liek caterpillars :| i may be fuzzy at times but im no caterpillar :|

  • At 26/1/07 21:16, Blogger Juju the jaja... said…

    "we were both wearing shades of pink" :|
    I was gonna say the EXACT same thing, word for word.
    Why didn't u come with us 3zayez? 8< ...oh wait, maybe because we didn't really say we were going malaysia in the first place =D

    Hmmm...did anyone figure out what a "tandas" is yet?

  • At 28/1/07 12:43, Blogger Diabz said…

    fishy. next time you should LOWER YOUR GAZE. i thought u knew better :/

    a tandas i that thing. yes, that. exactly.

  • At 28/1/07 23:49, Blogger lil fishy said…

    hello :D

    im sorry *looks down in shame*
    howd u know wut tandas is :o u genius :p

  • At 11/3/07 12:13, Blogger ren_crow said…

    I went to Malaysia once, and that was in Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur.
    I wonder if u guys ate any mee goreng or mee pisang there


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