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Friday, February 02, 2007

hello ppl,
*Lay a whisper on my pillow, leave the winter on the ground. I wake up lonely, theres air of silence in the bedroom and all around. Touch me now, I close my eyes and dream away..... It must have been love but it's over now. It must have been good but I lost it somehow. *
well im drinking my shai maghrabi and thinking of wut to blog about. (foof, want some?:P ) anyways, a few random things. first up, i just remembered using 7amam 3arabi in malaysia. oh my god it was horrible :l alhamdulilah. i hadnt used 7amam 3arabi since 7ajj back in 2000. and back then i was wearing dresses and a shibshib when id use the bathroom, so not much to worry about. but im malaysia i was wearing jeans and i didnt know where to roll them up too etc :( it was stressful, but i really needed to use the bathroom.
the other day i went out with a fellow blogger and friend manx. we ate at 'applepees/abblebees'. it was amusing. we remembered the old days and some of the stuff we did eg: leave chocolate on khalids car, loool. dont ask why we did it, we just did, it was a random thing to do. we also remembered some guy in aramco named hani who freaked us out cuz he kept driving past us on a lil motorbike and shouting out his number :l (he also had a crazy look in his eyes). while at applebees, i attacked a napkin and killed it (pictured below). manx sat there wiping the table with her napkin, dont get the impression that the table was dirty, it was clean, but i guess she just likes wiping random things, maybe she was trying to polish it. hmm who knows, hehe :D what else.... i trimmed my hair on tuesday afternoon. lady who usually does my hair is imsafra for a few months, so someone else did it for me this time. the lighting in the salon reminds me of the lighting in 'red earth' in dubai. it sux. it makes u look pale and yucky. i remember walking into red earth with my friends, id avoid the mirrors cuz theyre depressing. ur face looks yellow and sick, any hair on ur face shows, even if u just removed ur mustache, the mirror and the lighting will still manage to make some hairs magically appear. disgusting. just digusting.
i was looking for something in particular but i couldnt find it... anyways, i dedicate this post to one hell of a sweet and amusing guy who died 2 years from yesterday. allah yir7amak mohammed. im sorry, i was going to share something with u guys, but its just too personal and special to be placed on my blog.


  • At 3/2/07 06:30, Blogger Juju the jaja... said…

    I read i read... =D
    But i have to go to Artificial intelligent systems class (which i'm not registered in yet because of the stupidity of the office of the registrar :|)
    I'll comment properly when i get back inshallah.

    p.s. your post is untitled :|

  • At 4/2/07 01:47, Blogger Juju the jaja... said…

    BACK! I like lists, they're organized :|
    1. Any khalid's I know? *thinking*
    2. The hani you'r talking about isn't hani bakr is it? lol it would be funny if it were him cuz I think he did something similar to either 3alia or marwa.
    3. I passed by red earth today and smiled..remembered your post =D
    4. *whispers to maha* have you gone mad? we're not supposed to announce that we have mustaches in public! *shouts out* YES HA HA! IT WOULD BE FUNNY IF WE HAD MUSTACHES LIKE GUYS! THANK GOD WE'RE GIRLS & DONT HAVE MUSTACHES *glares at fish*
    5. I think i've seen you attack a napkin before *thinks*
    6. *sigh* moe used to stay up late at night on msn entertaining me while we both worked. Allah yer7amo.

  • At 4/2/07 08:45, Blogger lil fishy said…

    ur not the only one who can write lists :|
    take this 8o| 3aa3:
    1)khalid alzaydi :D
    2)no, not hani bakr. this was some psycho haniin aramco. that was the only time ive ever seen him.
    3) evil red earth :|
    4)oh did i say mustache :O no no, we dont have hair anywhere on our bodies. we re girls :| sorry about that lil mistake. what the hell was i think *gives juju 'is that good enuf?' smile*
    5) i wouldnt be surprised if i had :D
    6) we d always have pointless but fun conversations. any time of the day, usually when we were supposed to be working on jam3a work. allah yir7amu. i wish i had his avatar saved :^)

  • At 4/2/07 13:29, Blogger Diabz said…

    i liked your post today.
    you made me go from laughing mode to sad mode.

    there are several things i wanted to say, but i think ill keep it it simple with
    -Inna lillahi wa ina elayhe raje300n-

  • At 6/2/07 00:19, Anonymous Geek in Pink said…

    I remember the first time i was forced to use the 7amam 3arabi. It was in hajj too when i was in fourth grade. It was a horrific experience. I don't why but i have this irrational fear of falling in :S
    Lol, ya those lights always depress me too. Damn lights, always bringing me down.
    Allah yer7am your friend. The loss of a friend or family member haunts you forever, i know :(

  • At 6/2/07 11:58, Blogger lil fishy said…

    thank u.

    one of the bathrooms i went to during 7ajj just made me cry :| but thats cuz it was so dirty

  • At 7/2/07 19:31, Blogger taqo said…

    I like 7amamat 3rabiyah :| no seriously. Much more easy to do your business in ;)

    I commend you for attacking that napkin. So gangsta.
    Although I cant see teh pic. (As usual :|)

    O Allah yr7am Khalid.

  • At 7/2/07 21:15, Blogger Juju the jaja... said…

    i'm trying to make a phone call but can't stop laughing at taqo's comment, so i stopped trying to call.
    Khalid just got married, and you killed him! LOOOOL
    It's moe taqo, not khalid. But allah yer7amna all inshallah, including Khalid and his new widow..errr wife loool

  • At 7/2/07 21:52, Blogger lil fishy said…

    ya7laylik, u just killed someone. looooool.
    u need to pay more attention when reading :P

  • At 8/2/07 19:37, Blogger taqo said…

    LOL :$
    Oops :$

  • At 10/2/07 00:49, Blogger Fo0f said…

    And no!! Ma abe moroccan tea! Thanks!!
    ~You performed Hajj, wow.. Hajyah Samakah from now on :D
    ~I always liked applebees khobar..
    ~Aramco dudes R all nuts :P
    ~Allah yer7am mohammed :)

  • At 10/5/07 14:59, Blogger m-a-n-x said…

    Mahaaa loool - haahha I just realized that you posted about this day haha...and I'll kill you about mentioning the whole polishing thing LOOOL guess I like to multi-task - no matter the task may be hehe

    and maaaan do we have some crazy memoriesss hani *ugh* chocolate+khalid=crazinesssss...miss you!! see yah.

  • At 11/5/07 10:29, Blogger m-a-n-x said…

    by the way? which mohammed ? :D hehehe


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