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Friday, February 09, 2007

the taqo tagged me

ok, let me think of 5 things that u guys dont know about me. hmmmm
1)im currently and usually wearing the same earings. i got these earings back in 6th grade, as everyday earrings. something i can sleep and shower with. but apparently they were too big to wear to skool (my skool was very very strict with stuff like this). so i only wore them during vacations and maybe on the weekend. after i left that skool they became my everyday earings. i rarely take them off, for special occasions i change my earrings, or if my earhole is irritated i take them off. other than that im always wearing them. i have a friend whos gotten sick of them :D but i love them
2)the nail on my little toes arent flat, theyre bent. so cutting them is annoying.
3)i hear a click in my ears when i swallow my saliva. it all started like 6 yrs ago after i got a really bad ear infection. some ENT doctor told me the click happens in everyones ears but theycant hear it. but my ears have become extra sensitive and thats why i can hear it.
4)when i was little i always thought my best friend kareem would bury me when i died, and id bury him when he died.
5)i used to be a dallas cowboys fan. back in the troy aikman and emmitt smith days :D
i guess thats gbood enuf. bubyes blog ppl 8<


  • At 11/2/07 20:13, Blogger Juju the jaja... said…

    I object! I'm one of the audience and I know #1. I demand a replacement!

  • At 12/2/07 03:30, Blogger Geek in Pink said…

    1. Lol, nothing wrong with loving your accessories :P
    4. Aww, how cute...and kind of morbid.
    5. I'm not really into sports but Dallas Cowboys, that's football right? It's sad that the first thing that popped into my mind when i read Dallas Cowboys was "The cheerleaders?".

  • At 13/2/07 01:38, Blogger 3zayez said…

    2. You need a curved toenail clipper. Simple.
    3. You swallow your saliva? Don't you open the car door and spit it on the pavement? Well at least you're better than me. My hearing is weak 8(
    4. Does it not strike you as strange that you were having these morbid thoughts as a child? :/
    5. Meen emmitt smith? GO PATRIOTS!!

  • At 13/2/07 12:46, Blogger lil fishy said…

    dont complain :|
    ill tell u something later just remind me... hmm must think of something

    loool, it wasnt morbid. and i dont remember the cheerleaders, never been a cheerleader kinda person 8o| hehe

    1)oh my god, we must become best friends :o
    2)theyre bent, not curved... my baby toe nails have a corner :| maybe i should take a pic and send it to u
    3)a3333, i hate men who spit in teh streets :|
    4)loool, not strange. i just wanted my best friend to bury me:|
    5)ummm, new england sa7? mmm, clam chowder, hehe.

  • At 17/2/07 08:17, Anonymous aka The Cookie said…

    so if u died before him, how would u bury him ? i knew u were stupid :| lol j/k

    i didnt know these things about u! never noticed el earrings:S perhaps cuz u always wear

  • At 17/2/07 12:45, Blogger lil fishy said…

    ka3ki the cookie :D
    loooool, only one of us would get burried by the other. the 2nd one of us to die would be burried by someone else :|
    and how dare u not notice my earings :O i was probably wearing them 90% of times we ve hung out :|

  • At 19/2/07 00:48, Blogger Shy said…

    My jaw clicks when i yawn its annoying

  • At 19/2/07 12:07, Blogger lil fishy said…

    long time no seee:O
    hello :D
    ive got a clicking jaw too. my dentist says its cuz i put too much pressure on my jaw when im sleeping. apparently from anger and stress :D hehe
    but alhamdulilah its not always there, it comes and goes.

  • At 20/2/07 19:43, Blogger DarkShine said…

    HEEYY My jaw clicks too when i open my mouth wide..

    And someimes it gets stuck wheile trying to open my mouth wide enough to eat my chilies burger :( AND its extreamly embaressing and OH WHAT PAIN...........

  • At 20/2/07 20:50, Blogger Rawr said…

    I <3 earings!
    that click thing must be annoying, but can you hear really well? like ... superman? *eyes wide*

  • At 21/2/07 06:20, Blogger A Triumphant Pursuit said…

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  • At 21/2/07 12:54, Blogger lil fishy said…

    woohoo, we can make a jaw clicking club :P

    earings love u too :D
    im fine with the clicking, got used to it. and no i hear normally, no super powers :( but shhh, dont tell anyone or then i wont be called superfish anymore :( hehe

    a triumphant pursuit,
    :| does my comment box look like a place for ads :|
    even if i were to allow ppl to advertise here, it certainly wouldnt be for free 8o|
    u officially owe me 5 riyals now :|

  • At 21/2/07 14:46, Blogger Fo0f said…

    I wana see the annoying earrings!!!!!! and Lol, u got super hearing :D

  • At 21/2/07 17:13, Blogger taqo said…

    1. just reading that made me sick of the earrings as well :P

    2. well little toe nails are usually very soft. you can just break them off softly, most of the time. no need for a clipper :D

    3. OMG. ive just realized that my ears click know? i dont think that its that weird of a thing :S
    but i've just discovered it. tanko :D

    5. i've always hated the cowboys. in my were called a traitor for liking them :| traitor is a big word for a 6 year old :S

  • At 23/2/07 11:58, Blogger lil fishy said…

    ill take a pic of my earings sometime (if i remember) :P

    1) u wish u could have my earrings :|
    2) i dont think i could break my toe nails ^o)
    3) u have super powers too :D hehe

  • At 2/3/07 02:32, Blogger SwaRwaR said…

    u have got nice blog here
    o allah y3eeenk 3la ur ears i used 2 have a horribe pain and i just realized how painful
    but el 7amdllah it`s just clicking

  • At 10/5/07 21:55, Blogger m-a-n-x said…

    Manarah didnt allow you to wear those earring I bet now its time to over-wear them I guess? hahaa.

    Thats annoying about hearing the clicking sounds - but heyy atleast it wont be boring when u're alone :D

    n that would be funny if you were talkin about kareem-kareem...u knw hehehe - are u ? :o

    Dallas Cowboys - fun :D


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