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Thursday, March 15, 2007

why settle for nescafe with noisy neighbors when u can have starbucks

hello hello :D
yes, i know i havent posted in quite some time. well the time has come for me to post. so here it is.
first up, my neighbors r annoying :l theyre noisy. who the hell moves furniture after 10 pm on a weekday ? :l they have lil kids who stay up late. makes me wonder how can ppl let their kids stay up that late :l anyways, theyre over all noisy and i can hear all their crap in my room.
secondly, lately ive been wondering if i should settle for less, in things such as life and marriage. i wonder alot about if ill get what i want in life. should i accept something thats less than what i really want and if i need to settle for less, how much less? ill give u guys an example. if some guy comes and proposes, he seems fine and all, maybe even good, but he expects me to cover my face. should i? please no one answer that question, im not asking u guys, i was just giving u an example (im serious, its just my opinion and im not trying to offend or argue with anyone) u see, im a firm believer in being true urself and those close to u by not just changing who u are bas kitha to please someone. aslong as ur not mean and u dont hurt or harm ppl in anyway, i dont think anyone has the right to change u. not that im not willing to compromise, cuz i am, as long as the other person does so too, in equal amounts. cuz thats only fair. going back to my example of face covering just cuz my husband wants me to. well i wouldnt want to. cuz alhamdulilah i think i dress decently, i cover my hair and all, and i dont believe that the face is a 3awra and i dont believe in covering my face just for tradition. anyways, back to the point, should i accept a guy who wants me to cover my face, or a guy who doesnt want me to work or anything else. personally, i wouldnt want to marry someone with the intention of changing him. i think u should accept the person for who they are, or just move along. but i dont like the whole idea of "get a wife and mould her" :S

anyways last but not least, on a lighter note, i got a drink from starbux today and the guy at cashier remembers me (even though i hadnt been there in awhile) he was very friendly, he asked me how i was, how life is etc etc. he asked me if i wanted whipped cream on top, since he had already started putting it, i said yeah ok, wut the hell. hes like "u sure? u wont go telling ppl some african guy in starbux is making me a big mama?" (for those of u who didnt get it, he basically meant 'ur not gonna complain about gaining weight and becoming fat from my drink'). starbux has friendly employees. i miss jenny, she knew my usual order and she was friendly mashallah.

thats it for now.
bubyes blog ppl :D


  • At 15/3/07 01:17, Blogger Juju the jaja... said…

    looool why did you feel the need to put berbic's picture up and not mention anything about it? I agree about starbucks employees being friendly.. Three cheers for Howard Schultz! HIP HIP HOORAY! HIP HIP HOORAY! HIP HIP HOORAY! =D

    "please no one answer that question, im not asking u guys, i was just giving u an example (im serious, its just my opinion and im not trying to offend or argue with anyone)" LOOOL knowing typical Saudis, you're probably a 'kafra' now. 3aaa3! Stone the fish to death!! 3aaa3! hehehehe

  • At 16/3/07 21:11, Blogger ren_crow said…

    Is that u? U look funny:| Lol why am i not surprised. After all u ARE a fishy.

    Wait hold on a second. Is that a female employee in the pic next to u? First of all, starbucks in saudia wont be hiring female employees for at least the next 50 years or so. So just who exactly is "jenny"? Ure not implying ure back in UAE are u? Cuz i dont think u are.
    Elementary my dear watson.

    Ok where exactly is this whole rant about guys trying to veil u coming from? Khallas ure already muhajaba so i dont know what ure worried about. Unless u marry some guy from al-Qassim lool

  • At 17/3/07 15:28, Blogger lil fishy said…

    the theme was starbux, not berbic, so i couldnt mention it, loool.
    i just really didnt want some one getting all worked up about how dare maha say she doesnt wana cover her face. and then they argue with me and annoy me :|

    i look cute 8o|
    hehe, yes jenny is to the left in the pic. and no its not in saudi, it was in the starbux on campus back in sharjah.
    last but not least,about u thinking im worrying over nothing, apparently u dont know saudis :| gassim or no gassim theyre still pretty much all the same.

  • At 18/3/07 07:57, Blogger 3zayez said…

    Well about your concerns over settling for less I think you should draw some red lines that you absolutely will not cross. Meaning things you will never sacrifice (these have to be major things so don't say "He can't wear pink or yellow" :|). Then you just work yourself up from these red lines until you find out how much you can sacrifice, because rarely do people get EXACTLY what they want in life unless they're unambitious. I disagree with you on marrying someone and not wanting to change them. This is marriage, it's not like he's gonna be your roommate. You two have to affect each other, your lives have to mingle and mix, you both have to leave fingerprints on each other's personalities. Of course, this doesn't mean that you let go of important convictions, but if a guy comes to you who is excellent in every way except that he doesn't want you to work, you really need to think hard. Is it worth it to forget about your career just for this man who is perfect for you in every other way? My opinion would be yes, because there is always the chance that things will change and you may convince him. If he isn't convinced, he'll still remember in the back of his mind that you sacrificed something important in your life for him. If he's a normal human, he will be very very grateful.

    I didn't know jenny was mu7ajaba :O It's not a Muslim name. This Berbic you and juju talk about is a Starbucks employee? He's wearing a green apron! These photos provide a lot of insight 8(

  • At 18/3/07 13:10, Blogger Lamya said…

    I think that you should weigh up what is d most important to you.At different times of ur life different things r important.but never settle.If its important 4 u to work,nd a man who supposedly loves you cant see that,and accept that,then in my books he dusnt really love you at all.Or if u dont want to cover ur face,and he cnt ndrstand something so basic about d way u think..then he is not the one

  • At 18/3/07 16:26, Blogger lil fishy said…

    muffin man,
    im not expecting exactly wut i want but id like to know where to draw my line. i agree with lamya about the love part, if u love someone u accept them for who they are and without the intention of changing them. ofcourse ppl do influence eachother, its just part of life. ive been influenced by friends and they have by me. but just like u befriend ppl cuz u like them for who they are and u have no intentions of changing them, i think a spouse should be the same. ppl do change , but it shouldnt be something u plan on doin. and about ur argument about a man thats perfect for me and sacrificing for him, wouldnt that also apply to him. if im perfect for him in everyway except for the fact that i want to work, shouldnt he sacrifice and let me work. also, if the man did not want me to work, then i can tell you hes not perfect for me in every other way, cuz his values and frame of mind would be different than mine. meaning we re nowhere near perfect for eachother.
    lastly, loool. berbic is a professor :|

    i agree with u. if someone cant accept you for who u r then theyre just not right for u. i guess ill just wait and analyze each guy that comes my way one at a time and see if hes worth it or not.

  • At 18/3/07 22:15, Blogger SwaRwaR said…

    yaay nice that starbux employees remembered u :P
    am really starbux addicted :P
    and nice blog u have here i really like uae ppl they r veeeery friendly just like u :D

  • At 19/3/07 09:26, Anonymous the at work bebe said…

    wait i have to take out the binder and put it on the side to make myself working :P

    ok binder is out

    Happy Birthday fish !!

    you seem to attract noisy neighbors .. u r like the sukara and they are like the dood =D

    why dont u want to argue .. u love arguing .. akh poor fish ur getting old :p i agree with u dont argue about that topic cz as juju said by now u r kafra :s

    Happy Birthday again .. i'll go and actually do work .. break is over

  • At 19/3/07 10:34, Blogger Diabz said…

    NEVER settle for someone who wants you to go against your own wants. 5 years later your just going to get fed up with all his rules and want to end things..

    nobody has noiseier neighbors than me. i know what shows they watch, what music theyre into...even who has a dentist appointment that day!

    bedy starbux :(

  • At 19/3/07 15:26, Blogger lil fishy said…

    swar swar,
    mmm, starbux is good *drool*
    thank u :D keep comming
    and im saudi, im not emirati :D hehe. but still thanx for calling me nice :$

    happy birthday to me :D!!! hehe. shukran bebati 8<
    i dont wanna be sukar anymore, why cant the stupid dood neighbors leave me alone :(

    u have a point. if i force myself to accept something i cant stand, ill probably get fed up, but it wont take 5 yrs, itll probably happen within one year :P

    allah yi3eenik 3ala ur neighbors. i never could and never will tolerate noisy neighbors :| ta3ali, we can go get some starbux 8<

  • At 23/3/07 20:41, Blogger taqo said…

    Well..I dont think that things should be over looked just because everything else looks OK. Because if you think that the thing you don't like about the person is something small and over lookable now - trust me, three years down the road it'll be unbearable ( my personal opinion )
    Like I could never marry a guy that sucks food out of his teeth. I JUST CANT. I WILL NOT.And I know you are thinking that it's something small and not important.
    But I find it extremely annoying. And If I have to be annoyed every time we eat...well then that just not going to work!! ((and thats just teeth sucking. looool.))

    And another thing. I think women sacrifice a whole lot more than men ever sacrifice for marriage. And its not fair 9ara7atan. Try to get exactly what you want ;-)

    Hatu lee caramel macchiato!! :-D

  • At 25/3/07 22:16, Anonymous rawr said…

    nice pic, and yeah you do dress decently, mashalla!

    when you find the right person, you'll know inshalla, but dont compromise, be who you are, and let him be who he is...

    dude, i love starbux too!

  • At 26/3/07 15:21, Blogger lil fishy said…

    i shall listen to the oh so wise taqo 8< i wouldnt want a guy who sux food from between his teeth too :| not classy or mo2adab at all :| and just gross. *hands taq a machiato and starts man hunting*

    Thank you :$
    inshallah ill know, im just scared i wont notice him :P
    ta3ali, im bored, we can go to starbux 8<

  • At 26/3/07 16:58, Blogger Agnon said…

    I had a great rule about not dating someone who smoked cigarettes. Guess how long that lasted when I fancied a girl that smoked cigarettes? Has this ever been an issue? When you fall in love, you redefine what is important to you.

    Somebody who doesn't want you to work though? That is just nuts crazy. Insecure control freak who can't deal with you having a life of your own. Weird weird weird. :p

  • At 28/3/07 08:03, Blogger Lamya said…

    I demand d return of d cbox please,with a cherry and extra foam on top..?I want to blabber..

  • At 28/3/07 17:10, Blogger lil fishy said…

    i know there are those times whered id end up liking someone who i wouldve never thought id like. and i understand redefining whats important to you along the way. but my problem comes from the fact that most ppl in saudi get married to ppl they dont realy know. i may get to know the guy during the engagement period or even a bit b4 that. but i wont have a long trial period like when u date someone. so if someone u dont know comes along and proposes, u have to know wut u want and wut u dont want right then and there so u can say yes or no. i can always try it out and say no later, but id have to know what im willing to accept and what not in advance. u get what i mean?

    what cbox? 8< mmm cherries *drool*

  • At 28/3/07 20:58, Blogger Agnon said…


  • At 19/3/14 02:50, Anonymous jualankubuku said…

    Hehe.. nice article


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