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Monday, April 02, 2007

fancy hospital serves tomatoes in the bathroom

aloha to the very small group of ppl who read my blog :D

like usual, i have a bunch of random things to talk about. i just finished eating a bowl of tomatoes. mmm, yummy. im not much of a tomato person, i usually avoid the ones in my salad. but these tomatoes r different. theyre cherry tomatoes from my dads yard/garden. and well i like cherry tomatoes, in general baby vegetables amuse me, loool (i just imagined a response juju might have to that).

next, saad hospital. this hospital amazes me. mashallah its so fancy. i think its too fancy for a
hospital. but anyways, for those of u havent seen the hospital ill tell u a lil bit about it. the lobby/ entrance looks like a hotel lobby, theres a crystal chandelier on the stairs and a seating area with a high ceiling, the ceiling kind of has this jungle hut theme to it. ya3ni wood and plants. seriously, it looks nothing like a hospital, ya3ni i wouldnt mind sitting there for a cup of coffee. the doors to the examination rooms arent plane doors, theyve got wood carvings on them. anyways, by now u should get the point about how fancy this hospital is mashallah. personally id prefer a hospital that looked more hospital like, u know, nice sparkly clean and modern, but simple. so for u ppl who havent seen the hospital, if ur ever in the area i suggest u take a peak :D hehe

theres this bathroom in aramco which also amuses me. above the toilet in each stall, there are 3 mini signs, one is about hanging up the hose, the other is about not standing on the toilet and the third is about flushin the toilet. well now theyve added a couple of more signs. on the outside and the inside of each bathroom stalls door, there are 2 sheets of paper taped up. one in arabic and one in english about flushing the toilet and keeping it clean. too many signs, loool. i wonder, if uve got a dirty person who gets the bathroom dirty or doesnt flush, will a sign actually get them to keep the bathroom clean. and if so, whats wrong with those ppl, they need a freakin sign to understand that they should keep the place clean :l ya3ni if theres no sign, that means they can dirty the place :l akh, ppl r retarded, but whats new.

anyways, i was listening to the radio yesterday and this oldish song came on (relative to the yrs ive been alive). aaahhh, the good old days. anyways, the song was 'girl on tv' by 'LFO (lite funky ones)' looool, cute name. ill sing a bit for u... lalalala (me warming up :D hehe) wish for u on a falling star, wondering where u r, do i ever cross ur mind in the warm sunshine, shes from the city of angels, like betty davis, james dean and gable, never know what she means to me, i fell for the girl thats on tv......

last but not least, i am now 23, so therefore i am more mature, loool. that was amusing to say, as if having my bday suddenly changes me completely :o

yallah ill be on my way now ppl
take care



  • At 2/4/07 21:54, Blogger Agnon said…

    Hey, at least I could tear down all the signs and use them as toilet paper. Whatever you people do with the hose is beyond my comprehension.

  • At 2/4/07 22:21, Blogger Juju the jaja... said…

    *gapes at agnon and starts crying* we wash our butts with the hose! They haven't got hose in the states.. how am i supposed to poop?!! *sob* ='(

    Fishy, does the response you imagined involve human babies? =D
    I think amel told me about a sign she saw in some fancy mall's bathroom telling people not to pee on the floor..something like that.. Seriously, some people are just gross.

  • At 2/4/07 23:56, Blogger Agnon said…

    Okay, I know it is a legal obligation for bathrooms in restaurants in the US to have a sign that says "Employees must wash their hands," or something to that effect.

    Front to back with the paper Juju. You will learn. Perhaps you can then tell us which is preferable? I would envision myself becoming completely drenched by any attempt with the hose.

  • At 4/4/07 15:15, Blogger lil fishy said…

    i never thought id ever have to explain butt washing to someone. loool. its just a normal part of our daily lives, i guess i never thought that to some ppl it would be odd. anyways,washing ur bottom after using the bathroom is a muslim thing,(ofcourse some nonmuslims do it too and some muslims dont do it)not that we cant use toilet paper, but if there is water, we should use it, if theres no water then we use toilet paper. u should try washing ur butt sometime, u feel clean and refreshed, something toilet paper cant do :D and i dont think ud get drenched, u make it sound like we have garden hoses in our bathrooms, lool, its just a small hose.

    yes, the response had to do with human babies :$ basically being attracted to the idea of babies in any form.
    ya33 :| anyone who pees on the floor is just nasty :| and i highly doubt a sign is gonna stop them

  • At 5/4/07 10:11, Blogger Lamya said…

    I like fancy hospital served in tomato with toilet signs on top.. Yummy.

  • At 5/4/07 15:23, Blogger Agnon said…

    I must say I am still highly uncertain about the whole enterprise. Perhaps when next I am in a paper-free country I might experiment. Frightening.

    I think all hospitals should be as you described. Hotels with doctors. The psychological effects of being happy on speed of recovery are known, and clinical-clean hospitals are just scary.

  • At 7/4/07 23:32, Blogger taqo said…

    LOOOL @ "no standing on the toilet".

    surprisingly, 3ndi funny story about that.
    once while I was on the plane, ray7een the states for summer, I got up to go to the bathroom, so I go to the back of the plane, and I see a bathroom door cracked up. assuming no one was inside; I just pushed the door open to walked in, O ela faj2a I see this girl standing on the toilet squatting down like she was using 7amam 3arabi. I was shocked. awal mra ashoof kitha O_o she turned around (cuz her back was towards me) and looked at me. I looked back at her for a few seconds - and then ran :S mdry lysh, but I did :/

    btw, I LOVED LFO. That song was HOT! SO was the dude with the curly black hair afro thingy :D

    ahem, sorry for the long comment.

  • At 7/4/07 23:34, Blogger taqo said…

    cracked open ***

  • At 8/4/07 15:24, Blogger lil fishy said…

    id prefer big fancy hospitals with whipped cream and a cherry on top

    u do know we have toilet paper in our bathrooms, so we re not paper free :D

    pervert taqo opening the door on peeing ppl :O loool. i know that wasnt the point of the story :$
    i dont remember how LFO look 8< only remember a couple of thier songs

  • At 13/4/07 01:47, Blogger SwaRwaR said…

    okay u r mature now 23 :) 38bal el 3omer kllah ya rab :P but nice way to have fancy hospital it makes u cheer up not that onse with gloomy colors or blue it really makes u feel miserable :S
    btw , can u bring me some tomatos of ur dady`s garden coz i really not into tomatoes but mam wishs me eatin vegetables :P
    cheeeers :D

  • At 13/4/07 01:49, Blogger SwaRwaR said…

    from** ur dady`s


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