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Sunday, May 06, 2007

baking myself a man

Hello blog ppl
I was just discussing with juju about how id like to paint a man at a ceramic painting store and then when he comes out of the oven he’ll be life size. But juju pointed out that at the store id only be able to paint him. So she suggested a brilliant idea :o she said why don’t I bake a man. I was like oooh, ill make him from cakes and muffins :D
So what will I put in my man cake….
Flour and eggs: theyll be his base and make him dependable and reliable and keep him together.
Sugar: so he can be sweet
Espresso beans: so he can be strong (jujus suggestion)
Chocolate: for sexiness (jujus suggestion again)
Chocolate chips: ill throw some in, so that he would have some sweet surprises.
Nuts: to make him smart
A pinch of Cinnamon: to give him some spice and make him a bit exotic
Sour cream: to make him light and fluffy and I guess that would mean hes gentle (for those of u who don’t bake, yes u can put sour cream in cakes and it doesn’t taste funky)
Last but not least, I’ll ice/frost him and decorate him, thatll make him fun. And ill throw a bunch mini candies (such as mini m&ms) on top to give him a sense of humor.
Well that’s all I can think of for now. ill be sure to add more ingredients later on if I think its required :D
I shall leave u now so i can continue to dream of my imaginary, currently non existent man 8<
bubyes ppl


  • At 6/5/07 18:22, Blogger Juju the Jaja said…

    *walks over to maha cake man with her hand behind her back*...
    *sticks a ruler vertically into the man's head and runs off laughing hysterically*

    so he can be tall ='>

    mmmm.. ginger bread men. Maybe I'll buy one from Second Cup in a few days. In the mean time, I'll eat your family =D

  • At 6/5/07 18:30, Blogger lil fishy said…

    looooool, i thought u were being evil and trying to kill him with the ruler, looool
    u cant eat them, we ve already eaten ourselves :D

  • At 6/5/07 19:33, Anonymous rawr said…

    i want, I WANT!

    can i eat'em if he pisses me off?

  • At 7/5/07 07:12, Blogger Agnon said…

    You have just described a best friend rather than a man. If he is going to make your toes quiver he'll need to be a proper man, so you will need to add some sand and broken glass to the centre.

  • At 7/5/07 15:46, Blogger lil fishy said…

    dont eat my husband :'(
    hehe, if the recipe is done properly then he shouldnt piss u off :D but if for some reason he turns out to be a jerk, sure thing, we can all eat him :D mmm cake *drool*

    well i would want my husband to be somewhat of a friend not necessarily my best friend, just a friend.
    and about ur sand and broken glass, loool, thatll just make my cake gross and the only thing i can think of to write after "handful of sand and glass" is "to annoy and hurt me" lool, so that just wouldnt fit into the theme. and i can already find men who can do that so i wouldnt need to make one.

  • At 7/5/07 23:11, Blogger Agnon said…

    I mean gritty and edgy, not hurtful and annoying.

  • At 8/5/07 09:44, Blogger Juju the Jaja said…

    put a polygon in for edginess looool

  • At 8/5/07 16:14, Blogger lil fishy said…

    loool, a polygon sounds less annoying in a cake than glass and sand.
    how bout i substitute coarse sugar for the sand? and rock candy for the glass :D

  • At 8/5/07 23:17, Blogger Agnon said…

    Coarse sugar? Ha ha. That will do. Maybe toffee rather than rock candy.

  • At 9/5/07 05:23, Blogger 3zayez said…

    Why beat around the bush? Just say "Does anyone know a recipe for baking a 3zayez?" 8( LOOOOL :P

    If you add nuts to him wouldn't that make him ... nuts?
    You should add saffron so he'll have hair and not come out bald LOL
    The gingerbread man/woman/thing in the top right corner looks like a failed experiment :|

  • At 9/5/07 15:45, Blogger lil fishy said…

    how would toffee take the place of broken glass?

    loool, ur so full of urself :D eating nuts supposedly makes u smarter or helps with concentration.
    safron gives u hair?
    thats my khala. im the lower one on the leftside. just incase u didnt know. each cookie represents a family member :D my aunt made them

  • At 9/5/07 18:40, Blogger Juju the Jaja said…

    I'm family (the adopted chicken then you coming into the world and your parents abandoning me thing.. remember?).. all the lower left corner was supposed to be me.. I'm biting off your aunt's arm next time I see her for not making me 8<

  • At 10/5/07 00:01, Blogger Agnon said…

    Okay, you would have a problem. In my country the toffee would be hard and brittle, but then when you took it home it would turn all soft and runny in the heat. I wonder would that be grounds for a divorce?

  • At 10/5/07 12:39, Blogger lil fishy said…

    the thing is u were family, then i came along. so no cookies for u, hehe

    oh oh, u mean like peanut brittle stuff, that kind of toffee :o im used to the chewy toffee (and no not caramel).
    yes, i think i can get a divorce. imagine u wanted hard toffee and u got something smushy and chewy :| thats a completely different personality.

  • At 10/5/07 22:02, Blogger m-a-n-x said…

    this is sooo cute :D - aah but there's no such thing as a perfect dude so you should of told ur auntie to bake the man still perfect and yet something awfully missing lool.... without a leg...or an eye ....mmm..the eye better so he doesnt end up being a perv :D looool *you have only eyes for me damn it* hahah.

  • At 10/5/07 23:16, Blogger lil fishy said…

    what if hes only got one eye and he uses it to check out other women :| loool
    i think ill end up with a ginger bread man instead of a real man, more satisfying and less annoying. u want my ginger mans brother? :D hehehe

  • At 10/5/07 23:42, Blogger m-a-n-x said…

    yaaah sure why not ;) looool...

  • At 11/5/07 14:09, Blogger taqo said…

    heeey...I thought only girls were made if sugar, and spice and everything nice ? :( I feel cheated. loool.

    ya 7leeelik ya fishyyyy!!! :| you are too cute ;p

    can you bake me a man too ? (A)

  • At 12/5/07 22:42, Blogger lil fishy said…

    *hands may a cookie*

    men suck cuz theyre not made of anything nice, so thats why i put all these ingredients in, so he can be atleast half decent 8<
    thank you, ur akyat:$ and ill try to bake u one if i have the time

  • At 17/5/07 05:52, Blogger Agnon said…

    Hey Fish, you will never fall in love with some1 you baked yourself. They are not interesting enough. Safe is safe but unfortunately it is safe.

  • At 18/5/07 13:51, Blogger Fo0f said…

    Samakah, u bake me one, and since i dont know how to cook, i'll make u a pictue or sthn :P
    btw, the men u bked look like kids :P

  • At 19/5/07 12:08, Blogger lil fishy said…

    fine u can bake him for me:D
    but please follow the recipe careful, ill allow u to throw in one surprise :D

    i dont want a picture :o get me a car
    and half of the cookies r women :| and i didnt bake them either 8<

  • At 19/5/07 22:27, Blogger Agnon said…

    How surprising would pork be? Ha ha. That is funny to me for more than one reason.

  • At 20/5/07 00:15, Blogger lil fishy said…

    ur just evil. i take back my invitation to letting u bake my man :| id probably end up with a normal jerky guy i can find anywhere :(
    akh, i just baked banana cake :| if u had commented earlier i wouldve started baking my man instead

  • At 20/5/07 22:59, Blogger Geek in Pink said…

    I'd like to place my order for one man cookie please, extra nuts :P
    Oh and if you manage to make him wear nerdy glasses that would be appreciated, i have a thing for nerdy glasses *blush*
    Thanks in advance! :P

  • At 26/5/07 17:21, Blogger lil fishy said…

    sure thing geek, ill try my best to give him glasses :D
    i should start a business :o

  • At 2/6/07 11:29, Blogger m-a-n-x said…

    aaah maha I see u're buisness is flourishing loool :D

    I want in :$ heheh

    miss you - havent seen u online inawhile :P as soon as these finals are over we shud do smnthng seriously :P

  • At 12/6/07 12:34, Blogger A.nagadi said…

    When I read "flour and EGGS" I thought about it in a bad way :P
    And "NUTS" that's to make him a man :P

    Can I bake a woman too??

  • At 14/6/07 13:03, Blogger Juju the Jaja said…

    loool.. don't you think you're a little extra perverted for a 14 year old Mr. a.nagadi?

  • At 15/6/07 20:43, Blogger A.nagadi said…

    I can't help it if my mind ALWAYS thinks dirty things... Even if my mom or dad are talking to me, if they say something I think in a dirty way... even if it's not!

  • At 24/9/07 13:26, Blogger said…

    you have issues :p

  • At 24/9/07 13:27, Blogger said…

    they do look good though. can I have one?

  • At 4/12/08 20:33, Blogger Lalloosha said…

    hahaha....the ideal man....i think men should stay as dough coz wen they become life size no matter wut ingredients you add they'l still be the same:P


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