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Saturday, July 14, 2007

the confused post

Aloha blog ppl :D
Yes I know ive been away for quite some time. I haven’t really had anything worth blogging about. Don’t get all excited, I don’t really have anything worth blogging about now either but im bored and I had some stuff on my mind so I decided to write a post. Well I was sitting here at my desk thinking of these sisters I used to know back in junior high and high school. Not sure why they popped into my head, I think they were in my dream or something last night. Anyways, I came to thinking about all my friends and where they are and how they’ve grown up etc.
I feel as if most them are ahead of me in life. Don’t get me wrong, im not jealous or anything, mashallah 3alaihum. Its just that I don’t have anything to say, my life is kinda at a stand still, im not really going anywhere. Who knows, maybe they look at me and think the same. Anyways, ive decided to list all the old friends I can think of and state what theyre doing right now.
Alia: engaged and working in the UK.
Nesiba: supposedly married, her wedding was supposed to be a week or 2 ago. Should be on her way back to the states.
Hana: who knows, lost touch with her a couple of yrs ago. She was a fun person
Amenah: married with a baby
Fatima: maybe still studying
May: in jam3a (out of all ppl on this list Im the most in touch with her these days)
Sabira: doing her masters with a toddler
Summaya: I heard she was engaged and working
Umm, sorry I think ill stop the list here, cuz I can just keep listing ppl and that would be pointless and boring, loool. I think I feel as if most ppl grew up and matured, not that im an immature bum. But the whole idea of having a job and getting married makes me think hmm, theyre adults now, would we have anything left in common. I know ive got a job so according to what I just said I would be mature and grown up, but maybe I don’t feel that way cuz I don’t like my job and I don’t think im learning much from it. i guess the only way id really be able to tell if they really are different than me is to hang out with them but that wont be happening cuz we re all pretty much in different countries. I hope I don’t become boring when I grow up (lool, that sounds amusing, I mean when I get a decent job and get married). I think married ppl tend to be boring, I think juju would know what im talking about. U kinda lose common ground with them and u don’t have anything to talk about and what they talk about isn’t too interesting. I have so many thoughts running thru my head right now, and I keep typing and erasing  so lets just leave this post as it is. If u have no idea what im talking about, its ok *hug* I wasn’t quite sure what point I was trying to reach. I was thinking out loud and along the way my views changed and I began to see things differently :D
Loool, this post is amusing me.
Anyways, to all my old friends (my real friends, not ppl I used to know who were evil  hehe), I know u wont read this. But I love u and uve made my life amusing, thank u.
Ok, ill leave now. After reading this post you should now understand why ive stopped posting, hehe.


  • At 14/7/07 23:00, Blogger m-a-n-x said…

    lol I totally understand what u're talkin abt...

    man Alia engaged is always a weird thought coz she was always the 'baby' out of all of us...Nesiba - we didnt get 2go 2her wedding :P
    Amenah - I know we're both dying 2see her child...lool what happened 2the I LOVE SAUD days? loool
    Summaya engaged ?! :P
    And oooh Sabira...she doesnt pick up her fone anymore...

    damn us, I know what u mean about them getting 2b the more 'adult' people...its like khalifa, married..the issue isnt jealousy or watever its more like they've moved from this point in their lives to that point...and we're still on the other point lool.

    Hey atleast we're not going around in circles...being stuck in one point is awhole lot better if you know wat I mean :>

  • At 15/7/07 22:58, Blogger Geek in Pink said…

    I feel that way too, but i just try to convince myself that these things will happen (job, marriage, kids) when i am ready. Plus, now i have more things to look forward to.
    I know sometimes you just want to get over with, but inshallah you will get where you want to be one day. Thats the thought that gets me through the day.
    Oh,hopefully you won't become boring in the process :P

  • At 16/7/07 00:14, Blogger Juju the Jaja said…

    So instead of emailing me, you write a blog post :|
    ok lol =D

    I imagine this scenario:
    You're with you aforementioned friends who are now wives and moms, and you guys are sitting at starbucks having coffee together. One of them starts a comment about her husband and the rest of the group finish the sentence for her, and then they all roar with laughter. You're sitting there smiling politely and looking from one laughing person to the other, not knowing what the hell they're talking about.. lol

    I think married people being boring depends on whose perspective we're talking about.. To a non-married person, married people would seem boring, and vice versa. And from my experience, the odds of a girl getting married and not becoming boring are almost non-existent. It's like when they get married they lose some of their identity!

    Akh, dating is good. Being an unmarried couple is good. You're still single in a sense, but also in a relationship. You don't have to make as many compromises as a married person, so you still retain who you really are on the most part. If it gets uncomfortable and you feel like you're losing yourself, break it off. Move on.

  • At 16/7/07 17:59, Blogger lil fishy said…

    yeah, i guess its better than going round in circles.
    id like to have a reunion and see if things r still the same, u know just as fun or not.....

    i always tell myself my time will come and that it hasnt come yet for my own good. but its a lonely feelin u get when everyone moves on and ur still left behind. u know everyone found something new to do and keep themselves busy, and ur just stuck alone with nothin....

    yes, i write posts instead of emailin u, its cuz u didnt email me :( so i thought id ditch u for blog world, it appreciates me more 8<
    akh, i dont know if id wanna date. i wanna be a fun married couple, where we hang out like friends...

  • At 18/7/07 18:08, Blogger ahmed said…

    *hugs the samaka* 8<

  • At 21/7/07 13:18, Blogger A.nagadi said…


  • At 21/7/07 17:46, Blogger lil fishy said…

    mooo, dont hug me 8< *bites ahmeds leg*

    what r we saying ok to?

  • At 21/7/07 19:03, Blogger A.nagadi said…

    looooool I dont know but I have nothing to say... bas bazawwidlik al comments :P

    your welcome

  • At 11/8/07 15:12, Blogger Lilly said…

    welcome back!

  • At 12/9/07 10:11, Anonymous the married boring bebe said…

    it's been a long time since i read ur blog .. welcome back .. hope u enjoyed salalah ..


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