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Monday, March 27, 2006

Part 2 *dan dan dan daaan (suspense music)*

i figured that its time to finish my story now. so here it is.....

"Seniora Maha: part 2"
i reach my late 40's and i was still the same old bitter drunk woman. nothing had changed. my voice had gotten rougher and huskier from all the drinking and smoking, but i continued with my ways. younger men, loveless life and parties.
but one day something interesting happened. someone from my past came to visit me. it was abdullah. when i saw abdullah all these feelings began to rush thru my head. deep down inside i still loved him and i couldnt do anything about it. abdullah had heard of my lifestyle and he told me to change. he said it wasnt right and i shouldnt be wasting my life like that. i got upset and i became furious. how could he sit there telling me that, when he was the reason i became wut i was. in a way i blamed him foreverything wrong that happened to me and all the mistakes i had made. i yelled at him and we got into a huge argument. he grabbed me trying to calm me down and i sat there crying my heart out and i began hitting his chest with my fists (hehe, this is a typical drama scene, u know the sad crying lady shouting let me go and hitting the guy :P )... anyways, abdullah pulls me even closer and then he passionatly kisses me. for a second i thought everything was right and it would all work out. once the kiss was over he looked into my tear filled eyes and once again told me that he couldnt be with me. and he let go of me and walked out of my house and out of my life all over again. i was crushed. i never thought i would be vulnerable to another heart break, but just as he did the first time, abdullah managed to break my heart all over again. i just sat there crying and trying to drink myself to numbness.
next day, my housekeeper came over to my house like she did everyday. when she walked into the house she didnt find me in the living room as i usually was. so she walked around the house looking for me and calling "seniora maha". she walked into my room but didnt find me, but she heard music coming from my bathroom. so she walked to the bathroom door and asked if i was ok. she got no reply. so she opened the door. she found me lieing in the bathtub with candles all around and a empty bottle of wine on the floor. but that wasnt all she found. there was also a puddle of blood on the floor and the bath water was colored with blood. i had slit my wrists and commited suicide. the pain of having abdullah walk out on me all over again and being left with my empty meaningless life was just too much for me to handle. so i killed myself.
the story of my death was in all the italian news papers. everyone was shocked but i dont think anyone truly cared. when news of my death got out, some orphanages and charity groups were hurt and distressed by the news. one of their greatest donators was dead, where would they get the money they needed to keep running. after my death, news had gotten out about how much i had donated to charity, especially to orphanages. people were just shocked. they never thought of me as a kind caring person. they even felt some guilt for misjudging me.
basma and amjad both came to italy to attend my funeral and afterwards attended the reading of my will. i had left all my belongings to charity. i left money for amjads research department and i had left millions to orphanages (it was enough to keep them operating for years).
although i had lived an empty life, i had achieved more than i couldve dreamed of in my death. the memory of seniora maha had become sweet, ppl no longer spoke nasty words about me, theyd remember me in the best possible ways. my friends had never forgotten me. basma would tell her children about me and how we used to be close back in college and all the fun we had together. and amjad had a scholarship at her university named after me.
the end
hope u ppl found my story as amusing as me, bebe and juju did :)

Monday, March 20, 2006

the story of my life

the otherday while driving back to sharjah my friends and i were talking and well we made up a story about how my futures gonna be. ill write the story on my blog, not sure if ill do it in parts or all at once, ill decide as i go along. alot of people will wonder how the hell this story would be my future, but if u know me well enough and know certain things about me, and uve got urself an imagination, then ull be able to make the connection.

'Seniora Maha'
The story of my future
it all starts within a year or two from now. i fall in love with a guy named abdullah and i couldnt think of anyone else id wanna spend the rest of my life with. but sad enough, me and abdullah cant be together because of his stupidity (in other words hes being an ass). so i get depressed and angry. interestingly, a while after my problem with abdullah i get a proposal. the man is much older than i am, somewhere in his 60's and i am the age of his youngest child. by the way he is a billionair. out of anger and spite i end up accepting his proposal, thinking of it as some sort of revenge for my abdullah problems. but abdulah being himslf only wishes methe best of luck.
after marrying the older man i move with him to italy where he does most of his business. he has houses all over italy and europe in general. sometimes we would come back and visit saudi. but i end up spending most of my time in italy. ofcourse my life isnt too great. i lose all hope in ever falling in love, i think it doesnt even exist. and to add on to everything im also having problems with my step children who cant stand me.
after a few years of marriage, my husband passes away from a heart attack, i end up inheriting billions and as expected my problems with my step children only increase because of my inheritance.
by the time i reach my early 30's i become a very bitter person. i began to drink heavily and smoke. i had a huge wine cellar in my basement and a fully stocked bar inside my house. whether at home or out at some social gathering i'd always have a glass of alcohol in one hand and id usually have a cigarette in the other. i would smoke like crazy and theyd be the slim cigarettes with the lil thingy attached to the end that i stick in my mouth (who knows wut that piece is called).
i was a very social woman, id be at the opening of every art gallery, every elite party, any place a rich socialite would be. many of the parties and art galleries were sponsered by me, but little did ppl know. i would sleep with a different man every few days. i wasnt looking for love. just a night of fun, a mere fling. most of my men were younger than me, somewhere in their twenties. id spend a night with some guy, end up getting drunk and expecting him outta my life by morning. i was a lonely bitter drunk person wasting my life. the italian tabloids were always writing about me and trying to figure out who my lastest man was. as i grew older women would kiss up to me cuz of my status and money but inside they would fear me thinking id get their sons (which i usually did).
meanwhile, amjad is the US carrying out research and as unexpected as it might sound, she befriends one of her neighbors children. he was a curious and smart 10 yrold boy. although amjad doesnt like children, he was different, amjad actually enjoyed his company. me and juju stayed in touch and i would send her department some money whenever they were short on funds. i also gave out a few scholarships to some students at her university.
basma, was leading a completely different life. you could say she was happily married but she kept cheating on her husband. everyone knew about her infidelity but her naive husband never even questioned her loyalty. he would defend her, thinking she would never cheat. basma would sometimes come over and visit me in italy, sometimes shed send her children over for vacation.
to be continued........
well in my next post ill finish this story and we ll see what ends up happening to me.

Friday, March 17, 2006

first countdown over

well, in my last post i told u i had 3 countdowns for the week. well the countdown to the first event ended yesterday, so now i can tell u wut happened. I WENT TO THE DUBAI DESERT ROCK FEST!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOso let me tell u about my day, the night b4 i was sick (the flu), so i sat there praying in bed that id wake up healthy, but i didnt. woke up thursday morning still sick. anyways me and juju left at 1pm, we had lunch at fudruckers and then reached the concert grounds around 3:30. after standing in line in the sun (please note: dubai is hot) we finally got in. first band to play was mannikind (some local band), next up was the 'Testament', ppl started getting violent from there, pushing, jumping around etc (please note it was still daytime), but it was ok, not too violent.

ofcourse the whole time there was sand all over and ppl were covered in sand, cuz the concert was in the desert and with ppl moving around uve got sand flying all over, so basically all u could breath was sand and cigarette smoke :S, hehe.
anyways after sunset, "Reel Big Fish" played, they werent bad, they werent heavy metal, so i guess thats why i liked them. oh sometime then cookie finally came the concert.

next up was the band me and juju mainly went for 3 DOORS DOWN, wooooooo, woooooo. we got close to the front, about a meter and half away. but it got so freaking violent up there, ppl in the back were shoving forward way too much. i was stuck on some big guys back and i was just flying around, at points i wasnt even on my feet. anyways it got too violent upfront so i moved back to the middle and juju moved somewhere to the back. 3 doors down is a great band, even live, theyre good. during their last 2 songs (here without u and love me when im gone) i was standing next to some big canadian guy (in the dark it looked like hes in his 40's). anyways he smiled at me a few times, id smile back. then he started singing with me :D hehe. he'd lean in towards me and sing. after that we talked a bit. he said something so cute, he was like your pretty, and i was like oh thank u. hes like ur prettier than the other girls here, the ones wearing barely any clothing, and my reply was thats falttering i dont hear stuff like that often (for those of u who dont know me, im mu7ajaba, meaning i cover my hair). hes like you've a got thing about u, again i said thank u. we talked a bit more and then i went looking for juju and cookie. the guy was pretty nice and friendly.
next band was megadeath, well since none of us like heavy metal and they were the last band and we were kinda exhausted from standing up so long and being pushed around etc, we decided to go home. on our way out some security guy stopped us and started talking (friendly talking). he was lebnani, he was telling us to stay longer even if its just 10 mins, we said no we gotta go, and he sat there talking and talking and he tried making me talk 3arabi, looooooool. anyways i thought he was a sweety, i dont think juju liked him.
so i got two boyfriends at the concert, the canadian guy and the security guy, hehehe :P juju got a couple of her own too, but i wont say anything bout those, she can tell u guys if she wants.
got back home and showered, i was covered in sand, even my hair was sandy :l
so that was my thursday :D

Monday, March 13, 2006

pointless post :D

hello blogging world :D ive missed u... its been a while since i put a post. i decided even if i dont have anything to talk about today ill still post something :D so bare with wutever crap i have to put for today :P
well first off, had a busy past 2 weeks with loads of work. not that the work is done or gone now, but its a bit less and im taking a break. university can be so stressful at times, exams, papers and all the reading required, akh:S
anyways ive got 3 countdowns for the next week or so. 1 countdown is for this thursday. the other 2 countdowns are for sunday. sorry cant tell u wut the countdown is for until its over :P....
inshallah ill have a post about thursday if all goes well, inshallah again. kinda paranoid it wont happen :l hehehe....
wut else? hmmm.... well i just finished picking the pictures i wanna put in the year book. it was harder picking pics than i thought it would be. so many pics to choose from.
dont think i have anything else to say for now. its kinda sad saying that, im the type who always has something to say, even if its pointless.
bubyes for now ppl