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Sunday, May 06, 2007

baking myself a man

Hello blog ppl
I was just discussing with juju about how id like to paint a man at a ceramic painting store and then when he comes out of the oven he’ll be life size. But juju pointed out that at the store id only be able to paint him. So she suggested a brilliant idea :o she said why don’t I bake a man. I was like oooh, ill make him from cakes and muffins :D
So what will I put in my man cake….
Flour and eggs: theyll be his base and make him dependable and reliable and keep him together.
Sugar: so he can be sweet
Espresso beans: so he can be strong (jujus suggestion)
Chocolate: for sexiness (jujus suggestion again)
Chocolate chips: ill throw some in, so that he would have some sweet surprises.
Nuts: to make him smart
A pinch of Cinnamon: to give him some spice and make him a bit exotic
Sour cream: to make him light and fluffy and I guess that would mean hes gentle (for those of u who don’t bake, yes u can put sour cream in cakes and it doesn’t taste funky)
Last but not least, I’ll ice/frost him and decorate him, thatll make him fun. And ill throw a bunch mini candies (such as mini m&ms) on top to give him a sense of humor.
Well that’s all I can think of for now. ill be sure to add more ingredients later on if I think its required :D
I shall leave u now so i can continue to dream of my imaginary, currently non existent man 8<
bubyes ppl