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Someone I know told me I should make a blog. So here I am, I made one! My blog has no specific purpose or anything. I guess I'll just have fun with it.

Monday, November 27, 2006

attacked by a bottle of conditioner while playing tag with BJ

they say the devils water, it aint so sweet, u don’t have drink right now, but u can dip ur feet, every once in a while…….
I like the song, so if I sang it b4, well too bad, I’m singing it again :D
Anyways, hello blog ppl,
Many random things to talk about today….
First up, when I was showering today I got attacked by my conditioner bottle. I guess it had some hidden anger towards me and it just let it out. u see, I was squeezing out some conditioner into my hand and then the bottle jumped outta my hand and hit me in the face :l *dan dan dan danßsuspense music*
Next thing, well I’ve been a bit scared lately. U know fear of the unknown. I’m at a point in my life where I have nothing planned. And well for those of u who don’t know me, I need to have things planned out :l ya3ni I sit there wondering where will I work and as what. Who I’ll eventually marry and how. All that stuff and so much more. For the past 22 yrs of my life things have pretty much already been preplanned. I’d go to preschool and kindergarten, then I’d go to school for 12 yrs and then top it off with a bachelors degree. And now I sit here not knowing where to go or what to do. And im not the type who likes sitting there in the dark waiting for surprises :l I like knowing stuff. It sounds simple here, but again, if u know me, then you’ll understand all the other things mixed up in this and how it’s a lot more complicated.
Up next, I will tell u about bird poop and UPM. Don’t worry they’re 2 different topics :$
About the poop. I don’t like birds and their poop :l they poop when they’re flying and sitting, and it lands on stuff it shouldn’t be on. Like park benches, cars, and people’s heads and other body parts. And it’s just annoying.
As for UPM. I have a love for UPM. Why, I’m not sure. Id love to study or teach there. Or even open a bakery there :D hehe. I think they should make an exception for me and juju and allow us to study and work there 8< who knows maybe someday :^) and maybe when its time they’ll name a building after us :D woooo
Last but not least, I was tagged by bj to make the book cover. She pretty much tagged everyone. So I don’t know who to tag. But ill tag mysti and 3zayez. Sorry I’m too lazy to go search for the link ur supposed to go to right now. so if u go to bj’s blog and from there go to the blog of the person who tagged her, ull find the link there :D

Monday, November 13, 2006

no sushi on my boogers list or at the bloggers meeting

aloha ppl :D to start off, i ate sushi for the second time last week, and i still think it sux :l so khalas its official, i do not like sushi. for all u ppl who argued with about how ill like sushi (these ppl dont even read my blog :$ hehe) go bite urselves :l i dont like it and probably never will.

next up, i made a blogroll thingy :D (my boogers list) woohooo. the reason i made one isnt so that others can see what blogs i read but so that when i delete my cookies and temporary internet files i dont have to sit there trying to remember other ppls links :D this way i can just come to my blog and clink on them :D anyways, if i forgot anyone or anyone wants to be added, i appologise in advance for forgetting u and just tell me to add u and ill add u (im being friendly :$ hehe, but seriously, tell me to add u)
last but not least, im having a bloggers meeting in khobar. u see u riyadh bloggers ur not the only ones who can have bloggers meetings :l u hear that? :l i will be having my meeting alone, theres no need for anyone else, as long one blogger is there (which is me), it will officially be a shargiya bloggers meeting, im not sure wut time or location the meeting will be held at. maybe ill just do it in my room in 10 mins and maybe ill serve myself gummy bears, hmmm. if anyone has any suggestions please free to make them.
anyways, i shall be on my way now.
bubyes ppl

Sunday, November 05, 2006

ive been tagged to draw my pretty lil self :$

hello :D
i was tagged by 3zayez and mystified chick. since i knew how much everyone was dying to see how i look, i worked on my pic as fast as could as to not dissapoint my fans.

the picture is pretty much self-explanatory. for the men out there, this will probably be ur only chance to ever see me without a 7ijab on, so u better get a good look :D and about the forks, well i dont expect many ppl to understand it, hell, i only expect like one person to get it :D
i shall be on my way now, i leave u with my pic
take care bloggers
whoops, just remembered i need to tag ppl, ok i tag foof, ren, rima and ahmed. i tag anyone else who wants to do it kaman.