The Cynical Fishy

Someone I know told me I should make a blog. So here I am, I made one! My blog has no specific purpose or anything. I guess I'll just have fun with it.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

running away to a cave with some forbidden gummy bears to make barbaric love

sorry, i was gonna start this post by singing wuts on the radio, but i dont know the song thats playing now, so sorry, ull just have to wait :D
well, my weekend was fine, not exciting, but good enough i guess. went to the mall last night, ate and went shopping for shoes, couldnt find :l akh, if anyone knows of any cute off-white/cream formalish shoes or sandals, please tell me, i need a pair.
spent all of today in the dorms, worked on my research papers, that was boring.
anyways now to the more exciting stuff. first off, gummy bears should be made 7araam. everytime i buy a bag of gummy bears i just keep eating them. even when im shab3ana i just keep eating, i start feeling sick and wanting to vommit but i just keep eating and eating, usually finishing the bag in a day or most of the bag. so theyre addictive and harmful, therefore make them 7araam.
second thing, this is a secret, so dont go telling anyone, ok? thank u...
im running off with juju to a cave. we re sick of our work, so we re dropping by the supermarket to get a supply of toilet paper and pads (im assuming always ultra night time, or atleast thats wut im getting, juju can get wut suits her). then we re picking up some more supplies like keymer and amir . amir is mine. keymer is for juju. for those of u not in my jam3a, which is most ppl who read my blog, those r two cute profs. haaaa, amir is perfect *please wait im on the phone with mama* ok back to amir, oh hes just cute mashallah. now dont think hes drop dead gorgeous, no hes just cute, but everything about his looks etc is the stuff i like, so im making him sound perfect.
oh god, im hungry... i want to eat, i just had strawberry yoghurt and 2 tangerines. want to eat more. mmm, amir the cake :D yummy. hehe. ignore me....
woo wooo, theres a song for me to sing, i like this song :D
i know ive been mistaken, but just give me a break and see the changes that ive made. ive got some imperfections but how can u collect them all and throw them in my face. but u always find a way to keep me right here waiting. u always find the words to say to keep me right here waiting......
great song.
oh lord, i should leave before i start complaining about how annoyed i am with life etc etc. im trying not to post anything full of complaints and depression.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

6 ajanib,'V' , 2 Enchiladas, and a partridge in a pear tree

hello blog world let me amuse u guys and tell u a bit about my weekend. actually im just lying to u, im so bored im actually blogging to amuse myself, not u. first off, anyone wanna guess the name of the statue in the pic? dont ask why im asking. i just felt like posting the pic, and well i had to comment about it, i couldnt just put it up for no reason, so i decided to make u guys guess :P

well, like usual ive had a week full of shitloads of work :D wooooo, fun, party :D anyways :l
yesterday, me and the other beans (juju and bebe) went to a mexican place for dinner. i had some cheese and bean dip as a starter, and then enchiladas. then i had 6 americans :D hehe. well, juju knows i cant say no to a dare, im not sure wut brought it up but anyways, but she dared me to go sit with with these 6 american guys. i assume theyre in the army. anyways since i cant say no to a dare. i went and sat down with them for a few mins. they were adorable mashallah, just so friendly, one of them sat there telling me all the 3arabi words he knows, hehe, so cute! anyways im glad juju dared me to be an idiot and sit with strangers :D . bebe video taped it, still havent seen the video though.
next up, we went to the movies, we saw "V for vendetta" it was interesting. i think its worth seeing. then we drove back to university, on our way back we pulled into a burger king drive thru for icecream.
as for today, woke up, supposedly worked on my research, dont ask how much i finished, hehe. juju was supposed to be working too but i doubt she did much either. anyways we got bored so went for 7alaa at the grand hyatt, then we bought bread from the bakery there, mmmm bread, yummy.
i guess thats it. nothing more to say other than im starting to see jujus attraction to ajanib men. theyre fun and cute (personality wise). ya3ni theyve been so sweet. 2 ajnabi guys at the concert were nice to me and now 6 ajanib were nice to me when i was being malgoofa. *sigh* a33333, must put my ovaries on some kinda pause.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

PMS and some other stuff

for those of you actually reading this post, no im not PMSing right now. but i've decided to talk about it.
PMS for me and other women (maybe not all) is annoying. i get very sensitive and intolerant of stuff. easily irritated too. and sad for no reason at all. the depressed part just sux. you sit there feeling all down and u cant really find a reason why ur sad like half the time. then u think hmmmm, maybe its cuz of my period. but even if u try cheering urself up by saying that nothings wrong and ur just sad because of ur hormones, u still dont cheer up. u just sit there sad :l another thing is the bitchy attitude the comes at times. for all u men out there, please put up with the women in ur life if they bitch. they cant control it. our hormones become all evil and inturn make us evil :D so be nice to us women if we re being bitchy or depressed, itll hopefully all be gone within a few days. sometimes when im in a bad mood and im angryish, if my mom notices shed be like "whens ur period maha? is it soon?", she just knows. but when she asks i get even angrier, i think to myself "how dare she ask? how dare she assume that im in a bad mood because of my period? cant i be mad for no reason?" hehe. shes usually right about my period being soon.
now to the other stuff..... akh i hate most rap music. its all crap about how rich the guy is and how hes got naked women everywhere. and these naked women r just dieing to go to his 'candy shop' (that song just annoys the hell outta me). it wouldnt get on my nerves so much if there was only a song or 2, but hell most of them somehow sexually demean women. its sickening. i dont wanna lick no ones lollipop :l akh as u can tell i have a grudge against 50 cent in particular. i also cant stand nelly. anyways, im not into the whole nigga nigga stuff. i think id break down if my son came home covered in 'bling bling' :l
hmm, anything else to talk about..... i guess not.
bubyes for now