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Friday, June 09, 2006

the manless bum who graduated


Hey blog world.
Well I graduated last week. Some of u may have seen me graduate on tv (thank u juju). Graduating was interesting. But as excited as I thought id be a few months ago. I was feeling neutral and kinda down at times. In the past I just couldn’t wait to graduate. But as I got closer to graduating it didn’t seem as exciting anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I hate studying and I hate jam3a. but it’s the life ill miss. My life wasn’t that great but it kept me satisfied. I got used to living alone, got used to seeing a movie on the weekend. I got used to bebe and juju. They were my family in sharjah. Now im back with my blood family, back in a house I have to share with others, away from my friends.

This post is on the complaining side. Didn’t feel like posting anything but juju convinced me too. She said something like that since my blog is basically my diary, I have the right to complain on it. Im currently a bum :l Im just sitting at home, not quite sure wut to do with my life. Im gonna start looking for a job but that’s not really wut I want. Strange as it is id like to get married. I don’t want some fairy tale marriage. But at the same time I don’t wanna marry someone thatll make me give up so much that ill just lose myself. I’d like an ordinary husband. Id like a normal marriage where everynow and then me (husband) would think “this guy (maha) makes me happy and I love him (her) : )” I don’t want anything special and wow. That’s enough for me. Ill give u an example, maybe itll better explain wut I mean. In sharjah id hang out with bebes and juju. None of them have a Bentley or some beach house. Theyre just normal. We usually do the same routine things. Go to starbux, go to the mall, eat and see a movie. Nothing special, nothing really cool. To an outsider it might seem boring and dull. But im happy with that. I love being with them, even if just getting a donut from the student center at night. It’s a small and stupid act, but being with them makes it fun and worthwhile. If u understand my friendship example then ull understand wut I want in a marriage. So im not asking for much, but the fact that im different and I always will be, means I wont accept your typical/average Saudi or khaliji man.
Anyways enough of marriage thing for now. Lets see if theres anything more perky to talk about…. I guess not. Anyways, see u laters blog people.

PS cookie is my new role model. he watches tv and sits online all day long, and hes got a job. and thats what i wanna be when i grow up 8<>