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Monday, September 25, 2006

planes can get u sick but atleast they have cute guys

hello ppl of the blog universe
no radio but i had a song stuck in my head today :D so ill sing for you
"hard to say wut it is i see in you, wonder if ill always be with you, words cant say and i cant do, enough to prove, its all for you" its an old song, but i remembered it today....
hmmm, so wut to talk about. first off, i wasnt gonna write this post cuz lately ive been in a secretive mood. u know i dont feel like sharing much with ppl, i wanna keep all my stuff private (with the exception of like 2 or 3 ppl who i tell stuff too). anyways, juju asked me to write a post the other day, so im writing it now thanx to juju :D (yeah i know im too into thank u speeches these days)
anyways, i was away in morocco for about 10 days. went with my mama. it was an interesting trip. i think the thing i gained most from the trip was trying their food. ya3ni i saw some sights and all but id have to say i had alot of traditional food. i had pastilla, tagine, couscous, braiwaat and the list goes on.........
we met a bunch of nice ppl on our trip alhamdulilah. a french lady who sells cranes, some americans vacationing and a bunch of morrocans. it wasnt a very active trip but alhamdulilah all in all it was good. shopping in the aswaag was a pain in the ass cuz you have sit there kasiring like crazy and if ur 5aliji they think u poop out money and even if ur shami they still rip u off :
anyways i was sick for the first 3 days of the trip, so that sucked, especially the 2nd day, i was just horrible. hmm, wut else. oh yeah on the plane trip from tangier to casa blanca there was this cutish guy. he was slim and tall, he was tanned, had brown hair which had just enough waviness to it. his ear was peirced and he wore glasses (mashallah 3alaih) anyways i thought he was spanish cuz tangeir has alot of spaniards, but he spoke arabic at one point and i was like :o anyways he amused me, must find a guy like him :D
im not sure wut else to write about. im chatting with someone and theyre keeping me distracted :D so i cant think of anything
so i guess ill say bubye for now
oh wait wait, i remembered something. the other day i realized one of the reason why i want a baby. well its cuz babies are so innocent, in general so are lil kids. even if they do something bad or wrong its not intentional. they dont have it in them to hurt someone intentionally. so you can give them ur all and love them to death and theyll never hurt u. not like adults. wuts sad is that when ppl grow up they become capable of hurting others intentionally. anyways, thats a bit of sinight into the workings of my mind :D
i should get going now, its almost fajr.
nighty nights ppl

Sunday, September 03, 2006

fish sticks dont amuse ppl or meet their expectations

hey blog people
Today I saw an old friend of mine and we were talking and all. Shes like maha how can u live like this and do nothing bla bla bla. I found what she said kinda offensive. Cuz ya3ni aish da5alik with what I do with my life, wuts ur problem. I don’t think she meant to be rude but it got to me. U see I graduated in june and ive been pretty much doing nothing since then. And shes talking about maha why don’t u work. First of all I applied for jobs but so far nothing interesting has come along. Either way I decided I wanted a break. I want a few more months of nothing. Cuz khalas once I work ill be committed to my work I wont have any long vacations or anything. Either way, my point is, why do I have to explain myself to u. ive always hated that feeling of needing to explain. U know when ppl wanna know why ur doing or not doing something (basically cuz they disapprove, it’s their personal opinion, not like ur doing anything morally wrong). I cant meet everyones expectations and I wouldn’t want to.
Another example of something which annoys me, is like once one of my friends asked me why I don’t get manicures (she said it as if it’s the norm to do manicures, anyone who doesn’t get them is just weird :l). i don’t grow my nails, I don’t put nail polish, but I keep my nails clean and tidy, so wuts the problem?:l is it just cuz I don’t color them and grow them and shape them? The same thing with makeup. Ive got a couple of friends who would ask me why don’t wear makeup and they say I should. For heavens sake, im just not a makeup girl, I don’t go telling them not t o wear make up. 3aaaa3 8<
Ofcourse the things ive mentioned so far may seem small and sillyish but at times it gets really annoying and it just gets me stubborn. There was a point in my life where I had all kinds of goals which had nothing to do with what I really wanted but they were all about proving the world wrong. for example, I wanted to join the army to prove that I as a woman could be strong and get a high rank, add to that my 7ijab. So in the end id be proving that an arab muslim woman could do it. And I still feel like I wanna prove the world wrong sometimes but I figure that it ends up hurting me the most. I don’t want people dictating how I should be or how I shouldn’t be. Don’t think that im some kinda loud dirty rebel. Ya3ni im nothing extreme or disgusting, yet ppl don’t always accept me cuz im not exactly like them. Im no Barbie, and I don’t wanna be one.
Anyways, im hoping (inshallah) that I wont pay too much attention to annoying ppl and I wont waste my time or lose sight of the goals I really wanna achieve while trying to prove the world wrong. Just let me be world.
Bubyes blog people