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Someone I know told me I should make a blog. So here I am, I made one! My blog has no specific purpose or anything. I guess I'll just have fun with it.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

watching movies while showering in my puffy dress

Hello few loyal ppl who read my blog :D
Well first off inshallah today I can have a happy shower again :D oh how I missed taking decent showers. U see, the water pump in our house had issues and decided to break down the day b4 3eed and u know how no one is open or works during 3eed :l anyways for the past week ive had to shower with very low water pressure and its not fun especially when washing ur hair :l no fun at all I tell u :l today our water pump got changed so inshallah all will go well and I don’t need to beg to use other ppls showers :P
Hmm wut else, wut else, my 3eed was ok, not as fun as previous 3eeds cuz my uncle isn’t in the country, so our yearly 3eed plans had to change. I had lunch at my aunts place and I made a discovery :o cat vomit looks like gravy. One of her cats vomited and it sat there sniffing it, I looked at the floor and im like hmm, wut is that, gravy or marag? When I told my aunt someone spilt marag on the floor shes like that’s not marag, its cat vomit :D
Roseanne is on tv now and I don’t like show……
Hmmmm….. oh saw a movie this weekend, ‘the departed', its interesting and worth watching. But warning, don’t watch it with any of ur parents :S alot of dirty swearing, u know the whole swearing using sexual terms…. Not very comfy watching it with a parent. After watching the movie I thought hmm, matt damon isn’t cute, but yet a bunch of girls think hes cute and the same thing about ben Affleck (but ben looks slightly better). Anyways I think as long as u clean up some guy and dress him up in a suit and make him famous, girls would go crazy over him, even though if he was an ordinary guy on the street most girls wouldn’t look twice at him.
Last but not least, I hate tryin to match fancy/formal things :l one of my cousins is getting married soon (inshallah) and I have a dress to wear to the wedding. Only problem is, the wedding is mixed and my dress is strapless, so I have been looking for some kinda short jacket to wear on top but I haven’t been able to find one, so if I don’t find one within the next week, im gonna have to go buy fabric and get the jacket sewn for me, in other words lazim afasil. I have never fasalt anything and I don’t feel like starting now, I like getting my stuff ready made. I think fasiling is such a drag. Anyways once I fasil my jacket, I have to match a 7ijab, a333333!
Anyways enough for now
Want me to sing for u guys? :$
I know u do, let me think of wut to sing b4 I leave :D

All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray
Ive been for a walk on a winters day
Id be safe and warm if I was in L.A.
California dreamin on such a winters day

Thursday, October 12, 2006

ive been tagged even though i wasnt playing...i should go play kick ball

Last birthday? im sorry this question is stupid, unless u guys wanna know so that u can buy me gifts then i wont tell u :
Last meal? i ate food from some place called moghul around 1 am. it was like kashmiri or paki food
Last time you cried? i dont remember, probably a few days ago, cant keep track of everytime i cry
Last career? i taught economic help sessions :D i even got a boyfriend that i didnt i want in the process. but he finally got the point. he scared me :( a33333
Last website visited? beetle juices blog
Last person you spoke to? my mama, she was asking me if i wanted anything from 7ala place other than the 2atayif dough
Last song you listened to? well i listened to part of sum 41: in too deep last night. it was on tv
Last book you read? im not a reading a person but the last book i read and finished was either 'the notebook'(which i couldnt stand) or purple hibiscus :D... i think the note book was the last one:s
Last TV show watched? im currently watching malcom in the middle, so it will be the last show i watched by the time i post this
Last person you IM’d? juju :D (i think she has to be mentioned in everyone of my posts 8< )
Last word you said? is this a serious question : who makes up these funky tags :

Saturday, October 07, 2006

lil fishy seeking to be caught by handsome.......

female fishy:
165 cm
medium build
dark brown eyes
moderately religious
open minded
extremely sexy and smart (mashallah, spit on me ppl)
size 8.5 US shoe size
likes scrunchies
easily amused, usually amused by herself
easily dissatified, always by other ppl or things
does not like mul7aqiya in dubai
has adorable friends who amuse her
looks angry or depressed when not communicating with ppl
likes planning alot :D (oh its 930, time to blow my nose)
sometimes drools on herself (i find it difficult to control my saliva flow sometimes, looool)

is seeking:
a male
between 175 and 188 cm tall
medium build, im not into petite men, i dont want someone i can sit on and break :l
does not wear tring : l
knows how to dress decently
clean and knows how to clean
knows how to cook (wouldnt mind a chef *drooly face* but he atleast has to know how to cook a few things)
must speak fluent english and arabic. i dont like english spoken with an arabic accent it somewhat annoys me
moderately religious
open minded: that does not mean he drinks and parties :l if u call that open minded then u need help
does not listen to crappy music. im sorry but i cant stand r&b and rap and that kinda stuff
must not like 5o cent
not hairy, on the amla6 side ( i dont mean filipino amla6 :l i mean amla6 relative to arabs)
must not be spoiled and live off his parents
aged 22 to 25 ( we can make exceptions for men who meet all requirements except for age, but not above 32. i had to put an age limit cuz i know old men find me attarctive :P)
must not wear bling bling : l
must have good sense of humor. we must amuse eachother
must have eye brows, not 0, not 1, and not more than 2
must not pluck any part of eyebrows
must like baked goods (liking the stuff i bake is enuf)
must not be a nerd
must not be in the cool group (cuz im not used to cool ppl, hehe)
must not wear pink or yellow
must wear socks with shoes (i dont know how ppl can wear shoes with no sox, dont their feet and shoes stink :l anyways i dont like the way it looks)
must not like choosing stupid chat names which show his sensitivity (eg:
al3ashig alwalhan, al7assas)
must not be overly poetic (im poetic enough eg: "asabi3ahoo kal bala7, wa ibtisamatahoo mithil al hilal fee nusf ilshahr.....)
must not be overly jealous.... i shall keep my guy friends :l..... and also must not have any urge to control me
must let me cry at wutever movie i want, even if its fantastic four
must understand my independence and my amusement by stupid simple things
must accept it when i just break down laughing and it continues for over 10 mins just from my mere ability to amuse myself
must not expect me to giggle and go all shy in his presence, or to molest him in public (eg: like the gross starbux couple :l)

if interested please contact me for an application form. once the application form is received we will review it and if we approve of your credentials we will invite u for a preliminary interview. we will contact u within a period of 3 to 4 weeks to inform u about the status of ur application. if ur last name happens to be Berbic and ur interested in applying (which im sure u are :$) u will be exempted from filling an application form and the preliminary interview and u will automatically move to the final stages of the interviewing process.
costs/payment for catching fishy is negotiable.
have a nice day

if u like this post u can thank juju, if u dont, u can complain to her. like usual she motivated me *shy face*
goodbye blog ppl