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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

buy one get one free: 2 posts in 1

Hello hello hello blog ppl :D
I have 2 things to blog about. Taqos tag and something else… lets see if I can fit both into one post… ok taqos tag, 8 things u don’t know about me (juju not included :l )
*pauses to sing: your love alone is not enough, not enough, not enough, when times get tough, they get tough, they get tough…..*
1) when I sit around the house, my feet are usually cold if you touch them, even if the weather is normal. But apparently when I when I wear shoes my feet sweat :S like if I travel I have to make sure I bring 2 or 3 shoes to alternate between. Cuz if I wear the same shoe (not sandal) for a few days in row without changing them I get stinky feet 8< anyways apparently my feet experience extremes, either frozen or hot and sweaty.
2)i have a weakness for singers/rockers. Id love to have one 8< the whole singing and writing songs thing makes them attractive.
3) I cried when I used the bathroom in mina when I did 7ajj like 7 yrs ago. It was gross. The lights were burnt, so u couldn’t see well, it was a 7amam 3arabi, theres a shower dripping on ur head, dirty tissues and diapers soakin on the floor, something that looked like poop smeared on the wall and water splashing on ur legs from the stalls around yours.
4) for some reason I always thought id be married by now. im fine with it now, but when I was younger I thought id be married around 19-21.
5) the concept of dating doesn’t click with me. I think it’s a pointless middle stage which in most cases hurts either one or both of the parties involved. Im more into the be friends and if u realize u really like each other get engaged and get married.
6) I love chocolate. I think I need a daily dose
7) I think the world is retarded
8) I dream a lot. But nothing interesting, its either stupid stuff or crappy annoying stuff. Rarely ever get a good dream

Now onto part 2 of my post:
let me keep this breifish… I was in salalah last week. Mashallah pretty place. Anyways, I was eating dinner at the hotel (buffet) and I went to get desert. While I was there, some girls came.
girl: where are u from?
Me: Saudi
Girl: ha ha ha (sarcastic laugh) your saudi
Me: what?
Girl: im Saudi (still keeping up the rudeness).. where in Saudi?
Me: shargiya
Girl: im from there too. Keef enti s3oodiya o ana s3oodiya?
Me: *ignores*
Girl: enti bayda
A bit of other lil crap for 30 secs that I cant remember.
Me: ma tabghi itsadgeeni, latsadgeeni. Bas ana ma akthib.
Girl: bla bla bla…… tayeb laish lahjatik kitha
Me: *walks away* I was raised abroad

99% of the conversation was in Arabic. And she was just rude thru out it all, from start to end. And she was just rude thru out it all, from start to end. I don’t see what her problem is, I just said s3oodiya… nothing else and she already started to criticize me and say im not Saudi :| she was a complete piss off… my god, ive never seen anyone as retarded and rude as her for no reason. Anyways, I don’t see why she should think im lying :l I honestly think ppl who lie about where there from are idiots. Anyways, I don’t see why she judged me. There are ppl who r 100% Saudi and theyre just as white as me. Im not 100% Saudi, ive got all kinds of bloods in me (Bahraini, Syrian, Lebanese, Palestinian, morrocan). But my origins are still Saudi, so therefore I am Saudi. Not that being Saudi is the best thing ever, but id be proud of my heritage no matter where im from, I wouldn’t lie about it. But apparently the world is sick and ppl just lie and ppl have issues (please refer to point #7 mentioned above). I cant stand it when ppl question me, are u sure ur Saudi? Yes ofcourse im sure, u idiot, I have no reason to lie :l if u want my whole family history id be happy to tell it to you but either way my answer wont change…
anyways, I think this post is long enough :$ hehe