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Someone I know told me I should make a blog. So here I am, I made one! My blog has no specific purpose or anything. I guess I'll just have fun with it.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

the belly dancing elevator and my 7maar

hello blog world, akeed u missed me :$
anyways, im done with finals. and im about to graduate inshallah. its all over and everythings changing. kinda weird. but im not gonna talk about that stuff or ill just complain :D so to avoid complaining ill just talk about other stuff.
i was just looking at the pics on my pc, u know look back at some of my memories from the past few years. well i found a pic of this elevator. it was taken on my birthday this year. anyways, me and bebes were in the main building, i guess going to someones office, maybe it was the lady for extra graduation tickets. anyways we found this elevator we ve never been in before. it was pretty and kash5a, all shiny. so bebe took a pic of it. i guess its the elevator that the chancellor and the sheikh (or anyone else whos special) use.

i also found a video of me and bebes belly dancing (actually it was me trying to belly dance). i must say its not horribly bad, i guess its ok, but i need more practise. need to find something to do with my arms :l hehe, i just dont know what to do with my arms while belly dancing :l juju was the cameraman. thanx juju, great job :D that was also the same day juju taught me some weird dance u do while sitting on the floor. hehe, it was amusing, its like dragging urself on the floor. bebes also danced to the burtaqala song :D stupid song

last pic, is the pic of my 7maar. cookie won this cute lil 7maar in some game. and when i saw it i was like 'oh my god, hes so cute', and then he gave it to me. oh how i love my 7maar. hes adorable. thank u for the 7maar cookie 8<

hmm, wut else to talk about. uploading images is taking too long :l bl3
i guess ive said everything worth saying.
bubye blog world
PS this post is dedicated to bebes cuz she kept asking me about posting etc.

Friday, May 05, 2006

a temporary goodbye

hello blog people :)
ok i have nothing good to say. but let me just say wutevers on my mind at this moment.
1) my nieghbors r annoying :l some girls got her music on loud and her door is open, ya3ni cant u freakin close ur door :l
2) juju just said i suck cuz she wants the nickelback and santana song, and all i could give her is santa clause and a nickle
3)im not eating dinner with bebes today. shes busy. group work, bla bla
4) im so freakin stressed. the work never finishes and things just go wrong :l but alhamdulilah. things could always be worse
5) i bought a pair of shoes on wed, and they match alhamdulilah. now i need to find a matching bag, a3333......
6) shakira 'hips dont lie' is playing on the radio now
7) i probably wont blog for the next 2 weeks or so. im very busy. wont have the time to blog. and if i manage to find the time i'd probably bore everyone with complaining about how theres too much to do and life sux :D... so ill spare u the pain and just not blog

ok time to say bubyes.