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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


akh, very stupid song was just playing on radio, it annoyed me:l now the song "how bizzarre is playing" hehe, 'how was i?' :P wonder if anyone gets wut i just said.
anyways got back from university about an hour ago, its been a long day. this post has no specific topic.
let me tell you about a few things i learned in my psychology class today. first thing that was real interesting is: women have stinkier armpits then men do, something about women secreting fat while sweating and bacteria comes along. sorry if i just ruined the image of women, but i thought it was something we should all know :D hehe...... psycholgy dr also mentioned how when women complain, its for the sake of bitching/venting, but men r stupid and they dont get this, so they sit there looking for solutions for the problem instead of just listening.. so inturn it just leads to misunderstandings. *this time, this place, misused, mistakes, too wrong, too late, who was i to make u wait, just one chance, just one breath.... u know u know u know, i love you, i loved u all along......* hehe sorry about that sudden interuption but the song came on and well i really like it, so i couldnt help but sing along. *sigh* i think its a sweet ass song, akh to find a man that feels that way about you would feel great.... anyways, lets move on before i take my single bitterness out on u guys :P hehe (juju knows wut im talking about, its her explaination to why im angry :D ) wooo, one last nice thing i learned in class, men have warmer hands than women :)

hmmm wut next? well last night i was reading about the attempted bombing of the oil refinery in abqaiq and the two terrorists killed were like 21 and 23 yrs old.... that got me thinking my god, they were young, what made them do this. i was expecting older ppl. but now that i know theyre young and my age, i started to feel sorry for them, they just wasted their lives and was it for a good cause? :S then i started thinking about the other extreme of young ppl, instead of being extremist muslims and wanting to kill anyone they disaprove of, there are the ppl out there that are always partying, drinking, doin drugs, making out etc... ive got a bunch of friends who do all of the above or just some of it. but i dont do it myself cuz well i disaprove of it, i just dont think its right. anyways all this got me wondering wut my kids are gonna be :S well personally id want my kids to be around the range of wut i am now. not completely closed minded and not too open where they forget religion. u know i want them to enjoy life and have fun but at the same time just remember theyre muslims and theres an afterlife which is far more significant than this life.
hmm, wut to talk about next? well tomorrows the weekend. probably going to the mall. waiting for the cinema website to get updated so i can see wut new movies r out, hope theres something good.
anyways i guess thats enough for now.
bubyes :D

Sunday, February 19, 2006

batman who??????

remember that super hero named batman.... well he might be somewhere way in the back of ur mind. but ofcourse we all know the feather girls, grrrr (a moment of silence would do great here) ...... yes the feather girls.... the crime fighting trio of the khaleej. since crime rates in the khaleej arent as high as other parts of the world then that means we must be doing our job right :D hehe. who cares about batman or superman anymore. compared to the feather girls theyre nothing. (akh feather girls is such a stupid name, wish i thought up something better :S hehe)..... the picture below was taken infront of the grandhyatt before we burst in to fight the evil doers.... i think this day we got to the scene in the cookiemobil. grrrr, raaaar *shy face* we strike up fear in all evil doers......

anyways enough of that kind of psychoness for now.... sorry havent posted anything a week but i was away and busy. anyways most interesting happened this weekend... on my way back to sharjah from the bahrain airport, i found a highschool friend in the airport and sub7anallah he was on the same flight as me. he was in saudi for vacation and he was going back to lebanon via sharjah. it was fun seeing him again, he wouldve been the last person i expected to see on that flight. anyways maybe some other time ill write a post on the guys of my highschool class. theyre interesting and they kept me amused and annoyed for 3 whole years :D hehe
what else is there to say? hmmmm..... oh saw the movie "three kings" today, and it was my homework:D.... ive gotta write a paper on the movie, the idea doesnt seem too bad. hopefully the professor wont be too picky when grading it :l
anyways i should be off to bed now. gotta go to university in the morning to do a few things and then see juju (one of the feather girls) for coffee/munching...
nighty nights

PS the feather girls are bebe, juju and me (mumu, i think i have the stupidest name outta all of us, hehe)

Monday, February 13, 2006

a walk down memory lane

i decided to write a post about some of my memories. so im gonna go thru my head and pick out memories and write them down.

memory number 1: when i was like 9 or something there was some white racist boy in my school who called me a 'saddam lover'. i was thinking to myself what the hell r u talking bout, im saudi and saudis arent supporting saddam, get ur facts straight u freak :l

next memory: me and my brother used to have bunk beds when we were younger. i slept on the top bunk. anyways i sometimes used to reach down and steal my brothers pillow for fun :D. there were also times when i would grab a sheet and jump off the top bunk pretending to be parachuting, my mom didnt like that ofcourse :l so id do it when she wasnt around :D

more memories: in 7th grade me and hana had a crush on a LL cool J. i still think hes got himself a nice body mashallah *drool face* hehe. we also made up stupid names for fun. i was "MM Nasty mama" and Hana was "HH Hot mama", looool.

another memory: around 7th grade again. i used to hang out at my friends house (i was friends with 2 sisters). we'd sit there listening to the aramco radio station on wed night, they used to have like the top 40 songs or something. anyways we would sit there trying to figure out wut some singers were singing. eg: how bizarre (we thought it was "how was i")and we werent sure if a guy was singing "i can never be your woman." we also thought up situations where our parents would just kill us. one of them was our parents walk into our rooms and they find a naked guy snorting cocain off of our stomach :D hehehe. our parents would have obviously gotten some weapon and killed us and the guy.

highschool memory: i used to sit next to a guy named philip in class. he always used to write "i love philip" on my desk and notebooks, hehe, that was cute.

who knows what number memory: me and my friend spent the night in a hotel and we didnt have tooth brushes, so next morning we brushed out teeth with our fingers and a little bit of soap :D blekh it tasted gross. and then i tried talking without opening my mouth much and my brother made fun of me..

anyways enough memories for now. gotta go get my dinner ready

Sunday, February 12, 2006

the story of a man who could make rice and the woman who loved him

well as u can tell this post is about a love story. hehe. and i am the woman in the title.
well today i was making rice to eat with my dinner and like usual it turned out not so great. first time i checked on it, it was undercooked and a little salty, so i added a bit of water. but then came dinner time and the rice wasnt dry yet, but i took it off the stove cuz it was time to go to bebe's room to eat.
anyways i have issues making plain white rice. i know it sounds easy to make but its not :l i rarely ever perfect it. i have issues with everything from undercooking to overcooking to over salting and under salting..... i can cook, i can bake cookies and cakes and yet i cant make good rice :l
im not much of a rice person anyways, i dont eat alot so i dont make it often but still, making rice annoys me :(
so ive made a decision. i wanna marry a guy who can make good rice :D ill accept proposals from any guy who could. nothing matters anymore. not his age, height, weight, looks, financial status or anything as long as he can make rice. if he can make good rice he shall win my heart and ill love him forever and itll be the greatest love story ever. people will tell our story for centuries to come. itll amaze ppl and make them cry. and every woman will want a man who could make rice. men will start to compete against eachother with their rice making abilities.
and the story of me and my rice making man will be called "the man who could make rice and the woman who loved him"
hehehe. this story amuses me :D
hope my story inspires people out their to search for what they really want in their significant others :P

Thursday, February 09, 2006

anyone want one of my rice cakes?:D

if anyone other than bebe or juju gets the title of this post then i consider them to be genius psychics :D hehe
while i finish up my cereal ill tell u bout my weekend. i was trying to smile at random ppl but no one gave me face : hehe. but some ajnabi guy spoke to me today outta nowhere, that made me happy. ppl should do that more often :l anyways saw 2 movies since last night, memoirs of a geisha and casanova. well memoirs of a geisha was good, i liked it. dont really remember the book that much so i cant say whats better, the book or the movie. and the usual me cried in the movie, hehe, i had juju sitting next to me and she made a joke or 2 about my crying. how do i explain why i cry in movies? i really dont know why, but i guess i relate to them or think if it happened to me it would be sad, i tend to cry over family things, like someones mother dies etc.
anyways now to the 2nd movie, casanova is just ok. ya3ni i wouldnt tell anyone to see it unless theyre bored and theres nothing better to do, u know just as a time pass. maybe teenage girls would like it more.
wut else wut else........ did a bit of shopping here and there. in general just had fun with friends. akh, i cant think of much to say.... this sux. u see everything i go thru to try to please my blog readers, too much stress :( hehe.
oh anyone have a suggestion on movies i should watch. one of my profs wants me to watch a movie which has to do with the arabian gulf and write a paper on it. if youve got any suggestions please tell me.
i guess thats all ive got for now
take care world. dont blow up :l hehe

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

titleless :l

hello world, this is me and i need to pee. hehe dont ask wut i was just singing, it just sounded right :$, hehehe.
anyways not quite sure wut to talk about today.
well, in my social psychology class ive learned alot of interesting stuff on how we see ourselves and others. i was on a mission to smile at ppl in my university today, but it didnt work, i didnt have any eye contact with anyone. well there were a couple of guys who i couldve smiled at but i thought theyd get the wrong impression. one reason is that in todays psychology class the prof. said that guys tend to take friendliness from women as a sign of interest. and well i dont want half the guys in university thinking im interested in them cuz i smiled at them :l
my whole smiling mission came from one of my complaining sessions at starbux with juju and bebe. i realised ppl at my university dont really smile at strangers, they dont start conversation with ppl just to be friendly (like in an elevator), the only ones who would r ajnabi faculty or staff sometimes.
wooo wooo, i just remembered something. yesterday i went to dr. Toledo's office with juju and we talked, he was helpful. but he also made fun of me. AUS has a book with all senior students resumes and apparently toledo has a copy and he saw my picture in it and hes like maha no one in the book looks as happy as u, no one! anyways me and juju explained to him that i submitted a smiley photo cuz if i didnt then employers would think im angry and they wouldnt employ me (my reactionless face looks angry/sad, or so ive been told)
hmm what else is there to talk about? well my dilemna is still on and i havent figured out what to do:D hehe. i think jujus getting annoyed with me, i wouldnt be surprised if she smacks me next time i talk about it. inshallah it will get solved.
ooh, for those of you who dont know my little fantasy ill tell u. someday ill be in the desert and some guy in a thobe and shmaa'3 comes riding on his horse and hes mitlathim. he rides up to me, he uncovers his face and says "hello maha" in perfect english. then some angry bedou from his tribe come, apparently ive pissed them off (i think id be great at pissing normal saudis off). anyways my man on his horse yells "afa wana abookum, hathi maha bint alshuyookh". and all the angry bedoo apologise and go away.
hehehe, nice fantasy:D
anyways thats enough for now

Sunday, February 05, 2006

to all those who disagree with my previous post

hello again
My previous post expressed my own personal views, and it didnt even express my whole view, it was just partial. anyone and everyone has the right to disagree with my point of view if they want to. like i said its "MY" opinion and im not enforcing it on anyone and im not insulting anyone. im writing this post based on some friends freakin comments, he called me "dense" because of my views and kinda attacked me and my intelligence, which annoyed me alot (note: this friend is usually offensive and insulting). i have the right to my beliefs as everyone else does and if im not hurting anyone, i see no point in insulting or attacking me. maybe our opinions differ cuz u have info i dont have or vice versa. my point is dont just go jumping to conclusions and get all angry over my last post especially if u dont know my whole opinion on this subject.
thank u:)

Boycotting the boycotters *angry face*

hello ppl who read my blog :)
today i told juju we should protest against the boycotters. my main reason behind this is: when i went to the mini mart with juju today, jujus like i want an ice cream sandwich and im like ooh i like them too but theyre in the freezer that says "not for sale". juju then asked the man why arent they for sale, the man was like cuz theyre from denmark and something about the ministry not allowing it. well i was pissed (kinda exaggerating to get a better effect, hehe). ive never been a fan of KDD (kuwaiti danish dairy, i think thats wut it stands for), but i like their ice cream sandwiches. and now i cant have any :( either way forget the whole icecream sandwich thingy, im not into the idea of the whole boycott, i dont see any good comming from it.
anyways i wont comment anymore about the whole boycott thingy cuz it seems to be a sensitive topic and i dont want ppl hating me or telling me im going to hell.
bubyes for now. hopefully ill post something more interesting soon:D

Friday, February 03, 2006

snakes, italian food and spice island... a fully loaded girls week out

i love you, ive loved u all along, i miss you, been far away for far too long...... sorry bout that, the song was on radio and i couldnt help but sing it and think haaa *sigh*, hehe. anyways back to the point. my week has been pretty busy since sunday, been out a whole lot. Juju's sister was visiting so we went out with her. went to global village where me and bebe played with snakes (play isnt a good word, but u get the point). (thats my arm there in the pic:D )

later on that night we had dinner at spice island, good food, i ate lobster, pasta, and some thai stuff. next day we went out for dinner at an italian place in madinat jumeirah, again good food:D i had pasta, and for my main course i had grilled tuna and for dessert some kinda traditional italian xmas cake. at one point we had our cameras out taking pics of our food cuz it looked it so nice, loool. (dont worry our table was kinda secluded, so no one saw us)

the bill was quite nice :l hehe, i think me and friends wanna keep breaking our previous records for most expensive dinner. next comes thursday, me and bebe just went to the mall, we saw the movie "shop girl", didnt expect much from it, but i really like the movie, it was nice. but its one those movies i really like but dont exepct other ppl to feel the same way bout it. (so if u watch the movie and hate it, dont blame me, i said i liked it, not ull like it)
and not to forget my disapointment in men. well wednesday night i saw some stuff which got me disappointed in saudi men and then i remembered what one of my friends told me bout his friends cheating etc etc. i was thinking akh, no one decent. anways enough complaining.......
to end it off ill say a little joke i read off my friends phone last night. two m7ashisheen sitting around, one says to the other "ana bardaan min almukayif" the other one replies "ana a7mad min alriyadh"
i found the joke amusing :D