The Cynical Fishy

Someone I know told me I should make a blog. So here I am, I made one! My blog has no specific purpose or anything. I guess I'll just have fun with it.

Friday, February 09, 2007

the taqo tagged me

ok, let me think of 5 things that u guys dont know about me. hmmmm
1)im currently and usually wearing the same earings. i got these earings back in 6th grade, as everyday earrings. something i can sleep and shower with. but apparently they were too big to wear to skool (my skool was very very strict with stuff like this). so i only wore them during vacations and maybe on the weekend. after i left that skool they became my everyday earings. i rarely take them off, for special occasions i change my earrings, or if my earhole is irritated i take them off. other than that im always wearing them. i have a friend whos gotten sick of them :D but i love them
2)the nail on my little toes arent flat, theyre bent. so cutting them is annoying.
3)i hear a click in my ears when i swallow my saliva. it all started like 6 yrs ago after i got a really bad ear infection. some ENT doctor told me the click happens in everyones ears but theycant hear it. but my ears have become extra sensitive and thats why i can hear it.
4)when i was little i always thought my best friend kareem would bury me when i died, and id bury him when he died.
5)i used to be a dallas cowboys fan. back in the troy aikman and emmitt smith days :D
i guess thats gbood enuf. bubyes blog ppl 8<

Friday, February 02, 2007

hello ppl,
*Lay a whisper on my pillow, leave the winter on the ground. I wake up lonely, theres air of silence in the bedroom and all around. Touch me now, I close my eyes and dream away..... It must have been love but it's over now. It must have been good but I lost it somehow. *
well im drinking my shai maghrabi and thinking of wut to blog about. (foof, want some?:P ) anyways, a few random things. first up, i just remembered using 7amam 3arabi in malaysia. oh my god it was horrible :l alhamdulilah. i hadnt used 7amam 3arabi since 7ajj back in 2000. and back then i was wearing dresses and a shibshib when id use the bathroom, so not much to worry about. but im malaysia i was wearing jeans and i didnt know where to roll them up too etc :( it was stressful, but i really needed to use the bathroom.
the other day i went out with a fellow blogger and friend manx. we ate at 'applepees/abblebees'. it was amusing. we remembered the old days and some of the stuff we did eg: leave chocolate on khalids car, loool. dont ask why we did it, we just did, it was a random thing to do. we also remembered some guy in aramco named hani who freaked us out cuz he kept driving past us on a lil motorbike and shouting out his number :l (he also had a crazy look in his eyes). while at applebees, i attacked a napkin and killed it (pictured below). manx sat there wiping the table with her napkin, dont get the impression that the table was dirty, it was clean, but i guess she just likes wiping random things, maybe she was trying to polish it. hmm who knows, hehe :D what else.... i trimmed my hair on tuesday afternoon. lady who usually does my hair is imsafra for a few months, so someone else did it for me this time. the lighting in the salon reminds me of the lighting in 'red earth' in dubai. it sux. it makes u look pale and yucky. i remember walking into red earth with my friends, id avoid the mirrors cuz theyre depressing. ur face looks yellow and sick, any hair on ur face shows, even if u just removed ur mustache, the mirror and the lighting will still manage to make some hairs magically appear. disgusting. just digusting.
i was looking for something in particular but i couldnt find it... anyways, i dedicate this post to one hell of a sweet and amusing guy who died 2 years from yesterday. allah yir7amak mohammed. im sorry, i was going to share something with u guys, but its just too personal and special to be placed on my blog.