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Thursday, March 15, 2007

why settle for nescafe with noisy neighbors when u can have starbucks

hello hello :D
yes, i know i havent posted in quite some time. well the time has come for me to post. so here it is.
first up, my neighbors r annoying :l theyre noisy. who the hell moves furniture after 10 pm on a weekday ? :l they have lil kids who stay up late. makes me wonder how can ppl let their kids stay up that late :l anyways, theyre over all noisy and i can hear all their crap in my room.
secondly, lately ive been wondering if i should settle for less, in things such as life and marriage. i wonder alot about if ill get what i want in life. should i accept something thats less than what i really want and if i need to settle for less, how much less? ill give u guys an example. if some guy comes and proposes, he seems fine and all, maybe even good, but he expects me to cover my face. should i? please no one answer that question, im not asking u guys, i was just giving u an example (im serious, its just my opinion and im not trying to offend or argue with anyone) u see, im a firm believer in being true urself and those close to u by not just changing who u are bas kitha to please someone. aslong as ur not mean and u dont hurt or harm ppl in anyway, i dont think anyone has the right to change u. not that im not willing to compromise, cuz i am, as long as the other person does so too, in equal amounts. cuz thats only fair. going back to my example of face covering just cuz my husband wants me to. well i wouldnt want to. cuz alhamdulilah i think i dress decently, i cover my hair and all, and i dont believe that the face is a 3awra and i dont believe in covering my face just for tradition. anyways, back to the point, should i accept a guy who wants me to cover my face, or a guy who doesnt want me to work or anything else. personally, i wouldnt want to marry someone with the intention of changing him. i think u should accept the person for who they are, or just move along. but i dont like the whole idea of "get a wife and mould her" :S

anyways last but not least, on a lighter note, i got a drink from starbux today and the guy at cashier remembers me (even though i hadnt been there in awhile) he was very friendly, he asked me how i was, how life is etc etc. he asked me if i wanted whipped cream on top, since he had already started putting it, i said yeah ok, wut the hell. hes like "u sure? u wont go telling ppl some african guy in starbux is making me a big mama?" (for those of u who didnt get it, he basically meant 'ur not gonna complain about gaining weight and becoming fat from my drink'). starbux has friendly employees. i miss jenny, she knew my usual order and she was friendly mashallah.

thats it for now.
bubyes blog ppl :D